The Monday Blues

March 19, 2012

Leaving Althea in the morning is always hard, but Monday’s are harder.  She knows I’m getting ready to leave, and doesn’t want me to be apart from her.  She chases me around the kitchen crying, I get my lunch and breakfast ready one handed, babe in arms.  This morning she sat on me, across my belly, alternatively nursing and putting a cat toy ball in and out of an empty mini cardboard whiskey sleeve.  So proud of herself every time she successfully got it into the tube.  Crying, crying as I gave her the last kiss and hug and headed for the door, Daddy working hard to distract her with a game.  This morning she woke up on the adorable side of bed, and notched it up from there.  I tell her Mummy needs to work to keep a roof over her head, and cat toys to put into empty whiskey sleeves, but that really doesn’t matter does it.  Mummy needs to work, because Mummy works.  She doesn’t not work.  It is who I am.  But Mondays are hard, as I pump some more milk, the hormones cause me to tear up everytime, and I miss my little girl, who was mine for the whole weekend.  I watch this video, and can’t help but be cheered up, and look forward to tonight when she will be back, and she will be mine again.  More hugs, more kisses, more snotty noses wiped on my shoulder, more nursing, more little baby voice “Mummy”‘s.

The password is Althea.


Fridays R 4 Obsessions

March 16, 2012

This week’s obsession is Spring!  It seems to have come early to most of us this year with our warm temperatures, and lack of snow.  There is snow in the forecast for Sunday, but it could be just a little bit.  I’m currently busy fantasizing about all the camping we’re going to do this summer!  We already have the big family tent, we just need to get a mosquito proof cover to put over the picnic table so that we can enjoy time “outside” and not have to cover the toddler in repellant.  Fernie a few times for sure, maybe even just Bragg Creek. hopefully another park with some swimming areas.  We already had two nights in a tent last year that were slightly above freezing, so we know cold isn’t an issue, and Althea, like most babies, loves to sleep with us.  The more snuggles and kisses the better in her opinion.

Aside:  last night she said kiss for the first time, but still hasn’t mastered the kiss.  The open mouth with tongue planting on our faces yes, but not a real kiss.  Still, it is getting closer.  She has also mastered the free fall raspberry on my belly.  She lifts the shirt up, gets on her knees, and falls forward in a dead fall to my belly and plants a bit raspberry, over and over.  So much fun.

Camping for people like us on a limited budget is the perfect activity. Plus we hope to continue doing a lot of camping, so we might as well get Althea used to it now!  Any suggestions for where we have to go, and tips for successful camping with a toddler?

FO: Jean Socks

March 14, 2012

 These socks are plain, boring, in a jeans colourway from Lorna’s Laces, and took me well over a year to finish.  I didn’t necessarily put them down, it is just that I used to knit socks at Knit Night, car rides, during free time when I’m out, all time I don’t have any more.  I am slowly getting back to going to some Knit Nights.  Slowly and it is highly baby dependent.  I havn’t started any new socks like I normally would, but I have a simple project on the go most of the time if I get a chance to do any social knitting.  Sooner or later I’ll get back into the habit of having a sock in my purse on the go for “just in case” times, but not yet.

I have also frogged the little bit of the Tree of Life sweater I had finished.  In a way I feel like I’ve given up on something, which I don’t like to do, I have a tendency to want to stay with something until I’m done, even if it takes 10 years.  The combination of not wanting to knit cables, and the dark yarn not even showing the pattern well did it in.  I have started a Harvest Moon instead!  Good pattern, nice details, specified yarn, and quicker knitting.  I get my big warm cardigan, and pockets that I wanted.  I really like that the designer is from Calgary, and obviously shops at Pudding Yarn.  When I want to knit one of her patterns I know exactly which store will have plenty of yarn selection!  One day I’ll get back to Tree of Life with a lighter yarn, and more patience to do cables.

FO: Pixie Hat

March 11, 2012

 This little vintage patterns seems to be a winner!  The Pixie Hat is from the book Vintage Baby Book which seems to be an all-around winner book.  We have had a few test drives now, and although it is still big on Althea, it stays out of her eyes (mostly), is easy to adjust by using the point, and stays on her head longer than other hats.  The sock yarn is excellent stuff from the RSC, given to Althea when she was born by the lovely Miss J.  This would make iffy socks, but wonderful baby items like a lot of their more loud or creative colourways.  The hat is thin, so not for our cold days, but perfect for the spring like weather we had today.  I had an errand at the mall, but we put it off in favour of getting out side for a walk.  The family headed up to the new park near our house, Althea in the backpack rather than the Ergo or stroller for the first time.  She loved being up over six feet in the air on Daddy’s back.

 She loved Bob the cat the most however.  He stayed in one spot, and let her pat him!  She was very good, and patted him gently.  Our cats don’t usually let her get too close, and she is still practicing her gentle patting.  It is often more akin to banging on the cat than patting, so I don’t blame them for high tailing it outta there.  Jack spends most of his day getting chased around by a tiny terror now, who is getting faster and faster every day.  She runs.  She actually can run now.  Jack is working on his reflexes, and his vigilence.

When Octopus Attack!

March 5, 2012

We had to take this photo didn’t we?  How could we not?  Althea didn’t even get to keep the Octopus, I sent it off to Texas for a swap I particpated in on Ravelry, which was fun.  I always feel bad once the swap is done however as I stick to the cash maximum, and I don’t think my swap partner does as they send me too much stuff.  It is nice stuff, but I feel like I short changed them.  My swap partner this time has a little boy, and we were to make a hat or toy.  It seems a bit warm in Texas for a hat, so toy it was.  A little boy needed something a bit macho, and when I saw this pattern on the Lion Brand website, plus the fact that I had some leftover yarn already, it was a good fit.  I’m not too sure how much our swap baby liked it, but we had to pry this out of Althea’s little extremely strong hands.  Mr. J has informed me I need to make another one one day.  I will warn anyone who is think ing of it; they have a lot of tentacles.  Tentacles are tedious.

Life as a working Mum is incredibly busy, and tiring.  This weekend again I’m pretty pooped out, and will need to get the baby back onto better sleeping habits soon.  The routine we’re in isn’t bad; she sleeps from around 6 pm to 11 pm, then I drag my butt in there, get her out of the crib, we cosy up on the futon, and I’m back asleep quickly.  She finishes eating and falls asleep soon after.  She wakes up around 3 am to eat some more, then is up for the day around 5am, which is when I need to get up for work.  I know she is up for the day as she is talking away to me, banging on my head, and sometimes jamming stuffed rabbits in my face.  Alright I get it, time to get up!  I haven’t needed an alarm clock in months.  We’re in this pattern due to the illnesses, separation anxiety, and teething.  She is currently still teething, her four canines are cutting, around 3 are already through I think the last one is coming now.  She hasn’t been in pain, just really enjoys having me around.  I would like to sleep more in my own bed however, but all things in time.  If she needs me, she needs me.

What I have been doing since the fall is getting up on Saturday morning around the normal time, and heading out to the skating rink for 7 am.  I’m very lucky to carpool with my coach, so I can’t be late.  I was on a syncronized skating team, and we even competed in a competition.  We did very, very well, and almost came in third.  If that other team had fallen three times instead of two, we may have done it!  This is why we commpete against ourselves, and don’t worry about anyone else!  Now that the competitions are over we’ve been having boot camp.  This just came about, only 3 of us showed up one morning, we started playing around, my coach got into it, and the next thing we knew she was “adding onto the choreography”!  By the end of it we had done well over 30 spirals, many sit spins, and a few jumps.  None of us could walk for the next week.  This weekend we did some figure eights, skating skills, more spiral passes, choreography, and a bit of syncro.  I must be doing better as I can still walk without moaning today.  Next week we’re doing more figures (skaters of a certain age such as ourselves who did figures as kids, LOVE figures.  I still love doing them, even though it would take a long time to get good at them again.  My coach taught me a new one yesterday, and I could kinda do it, it was FUN), dancing, spins and some jumps.  Hopefully my friend didn’t break her elbow when she fell that one time, and my arm where I slapped it on the ice is all better now.  It is also important to yell at each other with a Russian accent, just like the old fashioned crazy mean coaches.  Again, we’re that old!