Figure Skating Boot Camp

March 4, 2012

Life as a working Mum is incredibly busy, and tiring.  This weekend again I’m pretty pooped out, and will need to get the baby back onto better sleeping habits soon.  The routine we’re in isn’t bad; she sleeps from around 6 pm to 11 pm, then I drag my butt in there, get her out of the crib, we cosy up on the futon, and I’m back asleep quickly.  She finishes eating and falls asleep soon after.  She wakes up around 3 am to eat some more, then is up for the day around 5am, which is when I need to get up for work.  I know she is up for the day as she is talking away to me, banging on my head, and sometimes jamming stuffed rabbits in my face.  Alright I get it, time to get up!  I haven’t needed an alarm clock in months.  We’re in this pattern due to the illnesses, separation anxiety, and teething.  She is currently still teething, her four canines are cutting, around 3 are already through I think the last one is coming now.  She hasn’t been in pain, just really enjoys having me around.  I would like to sleep more in my own bed however, but all things in time.  If she needs me, she needs me.

What I have been doing since the fall is getting up on Saturday morning around the normal time, and heading out to the skating rink for 7 am.  I’m very lucky to carpool with my coach, so I can’t be late.  I was on a syncronized skating team, and we even competed in a competition.  We did very, very well, and almost came in third.  If that other team had fallen three times instead of two, we may have done it!  This is why we commpete against ourselves, and don’t worry about anyone else!  Now that the competitions are over we’ve been having boot camp.  This just came about, only 3 of us showed up one morning, we started playing around, my coach got into it, and the next thing we knew she was “adding onto the choreography”!  By the end of it we had done well over 30 spirals, many sit spins, and a few jumps.  None of us could walk for the next week.  This weekend we did some figure eights, skating skills, more spiral passes, choreography, and a bit of syncro.  I must be doing better as I can still walk without moaning today.  Next week we’re doing more figures (skaters of a certain age such as ourselves who did figures as kids, LOVE figures.  I still love doing them, even though it would take a long time to get good at them again.  My coach taught me a new one yesterday, and I could kinda do it, it was FUN), dancing, spins and some jumps.  Hopefully my friend didn’t break her elbow when she fell that one time, and my arm where I slapped it on the ice is all better now.  It is also important to yell at each other with a Russian accent, just like the old fashioned crazy mean coaches.  Again, we’re that old!


2 Responses to “Figure Skating Boot Camp”

  1. saraskates said

    Oh but that kind of “hurt” hurts so good LOL –

    hope the sleep patterns even out soon – you’re juggling a lot!

  2. Heather said

    I just love your attitude, Anne!

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