When Octopus Attack!

March 5, 2012

We had to take this photo didn’t we?  How could we not?  Althea didn’t even get to keep the Octopus, I sent it off to Texas for a swap I particpated in on Ravelry, which was fun.  I always feel bad once the swap is done however as I stick to the cash maximum, and I don’t think my swap partner does as they send me too much stuff.  It is nice stuff, but I feel like I short changed them.  My swap partner this time has a little boy, and we were to make a hat or toy.  It seems a bit warm in Texas for a hat, so toy it was.  A little boy needed something a bit macho, and when I saw this pattern on the Lion Brand website, plus the fact that I had some leftover yarn already, it was a good fit.  I’m not too sure how much our swap baby liked it, but we had to pry this out of Althea’s little extremely strong hands.  Mr. J has informed me I need to make another one one day.  I will warn anyone who is think ing of it; they have a lot of tentacles.  Tentacles are tedious.


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