FO: Pixie Hat

March 11, 2012

 This little vintage patterns seems to be a winner!  The Pixie Hat is from the book Vintage Baby Book which seems to be an all-around winner book.  We have had a few test drives now, and although it is still big on Althea, it stays out of her eyes (mostly), is easy to adjust by using the point, and stays on her head longer than other hats.  The sock yarn is excellent stuff from the RSC, given to Althea when she was born by the lovely Miss J.  This would make iffy socks, but wonderful baby items like a lot of their more loud or creative colourways.  The hat is thin, so not for our cold days, but perfect for the spring like weather we had today.  I had an errand at the mall, but we put it off in favour of getting out side for a walk.  The family headed up to the new park near our house, Althea in the backpack rather than the Ergo or stroller for the first time.  She loved being up over six feet in the air on Daddy’s back.

 She loved Bob the cat the most however.  He stayed in one spot, and let her pat him!  She was very good, and patted him gently.  Our cats don’t usually let her get too close, and she is still practicing her gentle patting.  It is often more akin to banging on the cat than patting, so I don’t blame them for high tailing it outta there.  Jack spends most of his day getting chased around by a tiny terror now, who is getting faster and faster every day.  She runs.  She actually can run now.  Jack is working on his reflexes, and his vigilence.


One Response to “FO: Pixie Hat”

  1. Heather said

    She runs! How fabulous is that!

    That kitty looks like he’s praying for fortitude.

    Very cute hat.

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