Fridays R 4 Obsessions

March 16, 2012

This week’s obsession is Spring!  It seems to have come early to most of us this year with our warm temperatures, and lack of snow.  There is snow in the forecast for Sunday, but it could be just a little bit.  I’m currently busy fantasizing about all the camping we’re going to do this summer!  We already have the big family tent, we just need to get a mosquito proof cover to put over the picnic table so that we can enjoy time “outside” and not have to cover the toddler in repellant.  Fernie a few times for sure, maybe even just Bragg Creek. hopefully another park with some swimming areas.  We already had two nights in a tent last year that were slightly above freezing, so we know cold isn’t an issue, and Althea, like most babies, loves to sleep with us.  The more snuggles and kisses the better in her opinion.

Aside:  last night she said kiss for the first time, but still hasn’t mastered the kiss.  The open mouth with tongue planting on our faces yes, but not a real kiss.  Still, it is getting closer.  She has also mastered the free fall raspberry on my belly.  She lifts the shirt up, gets on her knees, and falls forward in a dead fall to my belly and plants a bit raspberry, over and over.  So much fun.

Camping for people like us on a limited budget is the perfect activity. Plus we hope to continue doing a lot of camping, so we might as well get Althea used to it now!  Any suggestions for where we have to go, and tips for successful camping with a toddler?


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