Can you believe I finished this so long ago, and only recently took a photo of it?  And even then I needed to crop out my horrible hair day.  When I have my hair in a ponytail you can be sure it has been a day or two since I’ve had time for a shower!  I did wear this sweater all winter however, as it is comfortable and WARM.  Yup, all capitals warm.  With my sweaters I put them on as I go out the door, and take them off when I get in to avoid having snot, jam, banana, and various other things smeared on them by tiny little adorable hands.  And noses.  And then all those times she threw up on me this winter!  Out of her adorable mouth.  I guess that is how you know it is your child, they throw up on you repeatedly, and you still consider them adorable.

The yarn is from the Prairie Fiber Mill, and is a blend of wool, alpaca, and silk.  I find it slightly scratchy, but as I mentioned WARM.  The grey has pink and blue fibres blended through it, using the pink accent really brings it over to the pink spectrum.  I used my favorite cardigan pattern from an  old issue of Vogue knitting, which is based on a cardigan from the 50’s.  The cardigan is knit in pieces and sewn, which I find fits me better than all in one piece knitting, or top down knits.  I added the pink around the bottom, and front edges, and they a little pattern across the bust.  I had other ideas of what to do, but the contrast believe it or not was not large enough to make it effective, or the stitch edges not crisp enough to make it stand out.  In the end I went with this geometric pattern that is okay, not mind blowing or “wow that is so creative and unique” but okay.  I had hoped the roses would have worked better, I really did.  And if you can believe it, I have another sweater I finished in December, but STILL have no photos.  Plus a scarf, hat and mittens!!


I am completing neglecting my other work, like my real job work, in order to spend time on the internets having fun.  It feels very rebellious!  It can be hard to find the motivation to work another hour or so after Althea goes to sleep, and some nights I just can’t do it.  I checked my e-mail however, but I can’t really put that on my time sheet.

Onto the works in progress!  I have a number of things on the go, firstly because it makes me happy, and secondly because I have a need for a few different projects.  I need something more complicated, something for the purse, I want to make a sweater, and I need something simple I can work on quickly in 1-5 minute parcels of time while Althea is playing.  She tends to play by herself for a little while, and then comes back over to me to reconnect, then goes off to play again.

 My Harvest Moon sweater is coming along nicely.  I’ve tried it on and it fits well up top.  I’m making it a little bit longer to hit lower than my waist, I’d like it to be at the mid hip area.  I’m almost, almost to the bottom of the pockets.  On Monday when it was warm I was thinking I would need to put it down, but now I can see some snow mixed in with the rain outside my window, and I have more time to work on this.

 This is an Adamas shawl made from baby alpaca, silk and cashmere, highly rated by me for softness, I love the gold colour.  Not making much progress on this, even though I would love to have it already to wear in the cool mornings.

 This is the third of these hats with brims.  I loved the first one I made, which of course I don’t have photos of yet, and began digging up skeins of worsted weight yarn to turn into more hats!  Not sure what I will do with them, but my baby group asked for one each the other day after seeing the pattern.  If the brim hat mania continues, and I keep digging for worsted weight skeins in the stash, it just might happen.  These hats are perfect for picking up and putting down quickly, and a few minutes here and there can make, well, a hat!

My purse project is a monkey sock, which I don’t have a photo of, but it is turning out rather well!  I have a few other projects tucked here and there, but I’m not really working on them much.  One day I’ll get back to them!

 It happened again, she got sick, we got sick, with a stomach flu first over Easter.  Then we all came down with a cold that knocked me over for five days, and Mr. J survived upright, but was still affected.  I feel like we are still recovering, and just waiting for the next round.  We thought it was starting again yesterday when Althea had an elevated temperature, but she was better today, just back to the runny nose cough that she has had since January.  Oh, when she started daycare!!  What a coincidence.  I do know that this is good for her, for us, and our immune systems, but it is difficult whilst going through it.  Missed work, failure to keep up with workload, having to take off work, sick days, lost weekends, lost weeks, lost months.  The main thing is to nurse my baby through these tough times, and to keep it together for her.  Right now she is upstairs asleep, for a little while longer at least.  Last night she was up at 10 pm and I was in sleeping with her again.  The co-sleeping we do is good some nights, but others I don’t sleep well and go into work slightly elevated from zombie status.  I don’t eat my co-workers, but I’m not really pleasant to be around either.  There is also a lot of apologizing and being nice to Mr. J afterwards as well, he is approaching Saint status.  But the days I get six hours of sleep, in my own bed, the world is rosy, wonderful, and everyone is wonderful people again, even nasty me.

Sometime through these last couple of months I have finished knitting a bunch of items, and am now trying to find the time to photograph the finished objects.  I remain working away on a sweater, scarf, mittens, and more hats.  I have plans to start another sweater soon for the Munchkin.

Spring is the perfect time for little sweaters, as Althea wears them out instead of jackets.  This one is absolutely perfect.  A cute pattern , pefect orange and purple yarn from Malabrigio, the perfect little lady bug buttons from The Loop in Kensington, and easy styling.  It is just perfect right now, I made it longer in the arms and body to accomodate a little bit bigger girl.  Even though the sweater is not pink or purple, it matches a few of Althea’s outfits, and it is Daddy’s favorite colour.

Please indulge me for a moment to tell you about how wonderful our daughter is.  She is very, very wonderful.  The ladies at daycare tell us constantly about how happy she is, day in day out.  When she cries, there is a reason and it is fixed quickly.  She babbles constantly, she is extremely active, running around, playing, having a grand old time.  She has been helping a younger baby all week, bringing her toys, nice things, trying to get her to stop crying.  She makes Mummy and Daddy laugh constantly, she loves to cuddle, make funny faces, do silly things.  She says many words now, and sentences if you use your imagination.  She has her own language, and is very serious about it, even though we only pretend to understand.  I like our daycare, because I feel the two ladies that mostly care for Althea genuiunely care for her, and once this week I had a hard time getting Althea away!  She wanted to come, but the lady kept pulling her back!  She hugs me, crawls on me, lays her cheek on mine first thing in the morning, eats dirt, picks up and carries toys twice her size, and is irresistible.  She has lived up to her name, the healer, over and over again.  We love her so much, our little incredible girl.  Her Daddy says she makes people happy as she smiles and waves in her stroller.  Passerbys stop, wave back, and a spark of happiness is ignited inside them in return.