She is asleep early, and she loves her sweater

May 4, 2012

 It happened again, she got sick, we got sick, with a stomach flu first over Easter.  Then we all came down with a cold that knocked me over for five days, and Mr. J survived upright, but was still affected.  I feel like we are still recovering, and just waiting for the next round.  We thought it was starting again yesterday when Althea had an elevated temperature, but she was better today, just back to the runny nose cough that she has had since January.  Oh, when she started daycare!!  What a coincidence.  I do know that this is good for her, for us, and our immune systems, but it is difficult whilst going through it.  Missed work, failure to keep up with workload, having to take off work, sick days, lost weekends, lost weeks, lost months.  The main thing is to nurse my baby through these tough times, and to keep it together for her.  Right now she is upstairs asleep, for a little while longer at least.  Last night she was up at 10 pm and I was in sleeping with her again.  The co-sleeping we do is good some nights, but others I don’t sleep well and go into work slightly elevated from zombie status.  I don’t eat my co-workers, but I’m not really pleasant to be around either.  There is also a lot of apologizing and being nice to Mr. J afterwards as well, he is approaching Saint status.  But the days I get six hours of sleep, in my own bed, the world is rosy, wonderful, and everyone is wonderful people again, even nasty me.

Sometime through these last couple of months I have finished knitting a bunch of items, and am now trying to find the time to photograph the finished objects.  I remain working away on a sweater, scarf, mittens, and more hats.  I have plans to start another sweater soon for the Munchkin.

Spring is the perfect time for little sweaters, as Althea wears them out instead of jackets.  This one is absolutely perfect.  A cute pattern , pefect orange and purple yarn from Malabrigio, the perfect little lady bug buttons from The Loop in Kensington, and easy styling.  It is just perfect right now, I made it longer in the arms and body to accomodate a little bit bigger girl.  Even though the sweater is not pink or purple, it matches a few of Althea’s outfits, and it is Daddy’s favorite colour.

Please indulge me for a moment to tell you about how wonderful our daughter is.  She is very, very wonderful.  The ladies at daycare tell us constantly about how happy she is, day in day out.  When she cries, there is a reason and it is fixed quickly.  She babbles constantly, she is extremely active, running around, playing, having a grand old time.  She has been helping a younger baby all week, bringing her toys, nice things, trying to get her to stop crying.  She makes Mummy and Daddy laugh constantly, she loves to cuddle, make funny faces, do silly things.  She says many words now, and sentences if you use your imagination.  She has her own language, and is very serious about it, even though we only pretend to understand.  I like our daycare, because I feel the two ladies that mostly care for Althea genuiunely care for her, and once this week I had a hard time getting Althea away!  She wanted to come, but the lady kept pulling her back!  She hugs me, crawls on me, lays her cheek on mine first thing in the morning, eats dirt, picks up and carries toys twice her size, and is irresistible.  She has lived up to her name, the healer, over and over again.  We love her so much, our little incredible girl.  Her Daddy says she makes people happy as she smiles and waves in her stroller.  Passerbys stop, wave back, and a spark of happiness is ignited inside them in return.


3 Responses to “She is asleep early, and she loves her sweater”

  1. Cheryl said

    I’m so delighted for you and your happy family. The sweater is adorable – just like Althea.

  2. Heather said

    What a sweet little ray of sunshine she is!

  3. Jen said

    She’s so cute Anne! I’m glad she’s doing so well.

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