Full of Busy

June 29, 2012

 We are just full of busy over here as the official two month summer in Calgary is finally getting going!!  AND the cold and rain that has been spring/summer so far is promising to be nice for a little while to come.  FINALLY.  That outfit the little cowgirl in training is wearing to the left: in June.  I have so many cute little outfits for her to wear, but it has been too cold.

What is happening?  Well, Canada Day, Mr. J’s birthday, Stampede, Tour de France, Olympics, a knitting retreat at a local ranch, August vacations.  Whew!  All that fun to come is making me tired already.  What has been better lately is my little Munchkin is going to sleep earlier, and without as much help from me.  It makes a huge difference in my quality of life to have her asleep at 7 pm, as opposed to 9 pm.  Things like knitting, cleaning, cooking, working, gardening, exercising, and blogging begin to happen again.  Mr. J was gone for two weeks, and I really, really had to just take the plunge and do some sleep training light, and she was more than ready for it as she has been falling asleep at daycare on her own for months now.  She has also been sleeping much better in the night, except when she has a cold that is, like now.

Like every year I’m excited for the Stampede, this year more so.  We’re going to see a bit of the parade (horses, cows, dogs, cars) and then head over to the grounds to check out the knitting displays, and as many animals as we can.  Althea is in a great stage right now of learning words and gets so excited when she sees something that she knows the name of, pointing and calling it out, it is going to be sooo much fun.  I have big plans to knit/sew her a dress, which I am going to get going on this weekend.  I’d like her to see some of the native dancing as well, the music, colours, and motions should delight my little dancer.  This kid dances to the toaster!

This week has been tough again, she has been a bit sick with mucky eyes, and snotty nose.  I stayed home and took her to the Doctor’s Tuesday, but then had to dump her at daycare and go to work every other day, and was gone all day long Monday.  We had a big bid due Friday, that I had to get finished.  Just dumping my sick baby at daycare, where she is cared for well, still makes me feel horrible, as it is me that she wants.  Putting work first can sometimes be a necessity, and I put her first most other times, but it doesn’t make me feel any better.  Let’s just hope we win this job huh?  And wish me luck with the sewing I’m planning on doing this weekend!  Three days with my family, no work, just heaven.


1 Year Anniversary

June 24, 2012

 Today is the day before our anniversary, which is officially Monday.  Except that Monday I’m heading up to Grand Prairie for the entire day, leaving the house before 5 am, getting home closer to midnight all day.  To celebrate we went out for brunch, which is our speed these days.  Still enough of a treat since we don’t go out to eat much these days, and Althea has a great time eating and people watching.  Today she ate a waffle, bits of our breakfasts, fruit and more fruit, and the highlight, drinking out of the straw from Mummy’s orange juice.  She doesn’t get juice at all, so that is a big, big treat.  (She loves water, so why not just give that to her all the time).  (And milk, she still loves her Mummy’s milk).

Looking back to last year, I still loved the photo part of our wedding, just Mr. J and I out having a nice time away from all the problems with organizing a wedding.  Away from relatives desperately trying to ruin the day.  I did love spending time with my dear, dear friends, but really could have not done the family mean comments/complaining parts.  Our photos took a few months to get to us, due to mix ups, but I love the end result.  The two of us together, our great outfits, my hair pouffy thing, lots of kissing and staring into each other eyes.  Our little baby safe and asleep (finally) in her car seat.

  Today we exchanged virtual cards (since we both haven’t had time to get real ones) and agreed neither of us is giving up yet.  We’ll check in again next year.

Hat Mania Ends with 3

June 16, 2012

 Hat mania is over around here, with the finished tally at 3.  The one on the left is Malabrigio, in a dark colourway that I wouldn’t normally get.  I’m not sure if I will keep this one or not, but it is my favorite of the three.  A peaked cap is so useful on snowy/rainy days as it keeps the water droplets off my glasses, and I LOVE that.  This hat is deep enough to almost cover your ears, and you can add more length to get full ear coverage.  I didn’t add any extra support in the brim, but this yarn is holding its shape nicely there.  The other two, both organic wool are slightly floppier, but still are doing well.

I love this pattern.  Simple, fits well, flattering.  Any worsted wool will do!

We have a younger guy in our office, let’s call him Dude, that is most definitely Gen Y.  In fact he may be even younger than that.  He is Gen Z, the generation of uber self esteem, if Gen Y was the generation of self-esteem.  My generation, those Gen X out there, were still raised that self esteem gave you a swelled head.  When your parents noticed self esteem they whipped out a good insult or clever ridicule and nipped that in the bud!  Whew!  No ego maniacs around here.

But the Dude may be onto something.  He sits at his computer, working away, and constantly tells himself what a good job he is doing.  “Good Job Dude”.  The other day he congratulated himself on a great stapling job.  Staple.  “Good Job Dude”.  To all us Gen X’s and above, it sounds a bit silly.  But now we’re all doing it.  Meeting Done.  “Good Job”.  Paper work complete.  “Good Job”.  Completely random co-worker walking by.  “Good Job”.  Baby boomer turns to look at me suspiciously “Why are you telling me I’m doing a good job?”.  “Because we are learning to be like Gen Z Dude here”.  I replied.  He is still suspicious of the insult or clever ridicule that should be coming his way any minute, so that he won’t get a swelled head.

Gen Y is onto something.  Office moral is up, we are enjoying telling each other what great jobs we are doing.  We are having good meetings, we are good at stapling, clocking in and out, doing documentation, and getting those bids out in time.  Everyone is smiling.  Self esteem isn’t so bad after all!

 Another sweater I finished last year, but didn’t get any photos of!  Now that it is spring I’ve been wearing it weekly.  Even this photo isn’t very good is it, but the face on Althea is making me smile and smile.  What a little Munchkin!!  She was very, very, very, excited about the beeping about the self timer on the camera.  She loves the microwaves beeps, and someone at daycare must have a watch that beeps as she regularly points to my non-beeping watch and says “beep, beep, beep!”.

I have to mention that we had just gotten home from daycare, and her matchy outfit that she went out of the house in the morning had been changed to new pants, hence the un-matchiness of this outfit.  She likes to go down the slide, and it is not always dried off before she runs over there.  She is very fast, and determined.

But oh yes, Buttercup!  What a great design, and I love the Drops alpaca, the colour and softness.  Not much pilling to date.  The design is perfect for my beautiful after baby little belly, the sweater just drapes over it.  I was very worried when I made this that it would not end up fitting, but I shouldn’t have wasted my energy, it fits perfectly.  Almost like I planned it instead of it just being luck!!  Or maybe just lucky planning.  No wonder I’m just finishing another sweater by Heidi K. and have yet ANOTHER one planned.  I may also have the yarn for that one too!

Once upon a time this blog featured many a photo from the mountains after my weekend biking trips.  Alas, not so much anymore but I did manage to get out for a ride to Banff last weekend.  It was wonderful, and the trail around Lake Minnawanka is all around excellent.  Technical, with not too much climbing for an out of shape Momma like myself.  We had some snow, tiny bit of rain, and beautiful, beautiful views.  I just missed out on seeing a mountain sheep run across the trail according to the lady behind me, or perhaps I just missed colliding with one?  We saw many deer, and no bears which is very good as this trail gets closed down for the summer due to the grizzly bear activity.

I miss doing bike rides like this, and yet the 1.5 hr drive out there, and the drive back killed me.  I really hated being away from Althea that long, especially since the weekend is precious to me now.  During the week I get little time with her, I hate using up the weekend without spending it with her.  I hope to do more weekend riding, but closer to home I think.