Saskatchewan in Full Bloom

July 16, 2012

Last week I had to go to Saskatchewan to help fix a water plant.  We fixed it, and saved the town.  No one there noticed, which is better than the problems being so bad that they do notice.  Please trust me when I say it is a bad thing when the town water tanks are so low, because your plant isn’t working, and they have to tell people to not only not water their lawns, but not to fight fires either.  That gets people really, really, upset.  (When the town water tank gets to 10%, that is when the call is made to stop fighting fires).  I went out with a new employee, who is new to Canada.  What a beautiful time to see Saskatchean when the canola, and flax are in full bloom.  He also got a good taste of how nice and friendly people are here.


2 Responses to “Saskatchewan in Full Bloom”

  1. Heather said

    Way to save the town!

  2. Cary said

    Reminds me of being a kid, my dad was always getting late night phone calls from rural water system operators. I remember overhearing long one sided conversations about pulling the pump, etc etc. These were places which had literally never had running water before my dad\’s company designed those rural water systems. I remember going with him to meetings with the rural water boards and the long, long discussions about the economics of every single system tie in. These were communities that wanted water but could only get it with the financial assistance of the federal government.

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