Striped Boy/Girl Cardigan with No Hood

July 26, 2012

 (In this photo she is very excited that the tree has “EYES!!”, we also taught her to say “shhhhh”, as the tree is very, very quiet you know “Shhhhhh”.  We could see this tree out the window of the kitchen at the Panther River Lodge. )  This sweater is from a pattern in the 60 Quick Baby Knits by Cascade, which are excellent patterns for any worsted weight yarn.  The only downfall is that the sizing only goes up to 2 years maximum.  When I planned out this little cardigan I had thought the brown was lighter, more beige really, but sometimes when you knit certain colours with other things change, and the brown went darker.  The cardigan went from Unisex/girl to most definitely boy in my mind.  I don’t like dressing her in a very girly manner, but I also don’t try and dress her up as a little boy.  Perhaps that time I got kicked out of the girls washroom as they thought I was a boy is still in my subconscious.  I was thinking that I would finish the cardigan up anyways and save it for a little boy’s birthday as it is nice and roomy.  I know one little boy who will be 2 soon, but he may be too big for this sweater already!  I know some others who will be one in the fall.  I threw it in the suitcase for the weekend on a whim, and I’m glad I did as it was chilly up there!  I packed in a heat wave, skirts, shorts, tanks, bathing suit, and it was cold.  I only had 2 pairs of pants for her!!  Therefore the sweater got worn a lot.  As with most things, the more she wears it, the more she owns it really.  Another reason to like Panther River people is that they were very complimentary of her sweater, they are very, kind and appreciative of hand made items.

The buttons are from a big bag of random ones I got at a local craft store, I do like the different bright colours on a kids sweater.  I didn’t have enough yarn to finish up the hood, and just did a neck collar instead.  I do hate sewing sleeves into the circular opening on this all in one piece, split at the underarms construction.  The sewing is not neat, it was very difficult to get it perfect.  There fore it isn’t, and whatever.  I do think the colours will mask dirt very well, and she already likes the buttons.  Yup, it is probably her sweater now.


One Response to “Striped Boy/Girl Cardigan with No Hood”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    I don’t think it’s too “boyish” with those bright buttons on it. It’s hers. (And that tree is great!)

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