Prepping for Friday – The Ravellenics or Whatever…

July 27, 2012

 …They are calling it now that I’ve ruined the Olympics.  I am busy getting ready for Friday, at which point in time I will cast on for a child’s sweater, which I will attempt to finish by the closing ceremonies of the Olympics.  It doesn’t sound that hard, a little sweater in two weeks, but sometimes life does get in the way, and I didn’t want to over commit.  I’m even on a team “Team Yarn Chompers” of other Mummies who had babies in January 2011.  Pictured at left is a dress which I have knit/sewed, and I am so chuffed with myself and with this dress.  It needs some buttons before it can be modeled by my dear sweet daughter, but I think I did a bang-up job and sewing, especially the hand sewing on this dress was not easy.  I am making a second one with the green plaid material for a friend’s daughter.  The yarn in the bag is all ready to go for Friday!  Further to my goal of finishing my friends sweater for the closing ceremonies, is to finish her dress before we head to Ontario on vacation.  The bodice is complete, and the bottom panel is machine sewn.  The hard part is sewing the two together, and then sewing the ribbon on, as I’m doing that by hand.  All to be done by August 11!  Go me, and go Canada in the Olympics!  Or you know, just go and have a good time, and try your best, we will love and support you anyways!


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