I even finished it a bit early, and most amazing of all, in time for us to take to Toronto and gift to my friend’s daughter.  It wasn’t even wet!  I know, AWESOME!!  The pattern is the Nichole Cardigan, from a talented designer from whom I look forward to many more patterns.  It is a fairly simple design, but wonderfully practical for toddlers.  It has length to it which allows it to be worn for more than a month, and short sleeves which means those don’t get grown out of as fast.  I also like that you don’t have to continuously push the sleeves up and out of the way, so practical!  I am worried that the pattern is more “camo” than “cute greens”, but I hope not too much.  My friend’s daughter has wonderful red hair, and I think it looked great on her.  I loved seeing our children playing together, at one point Althea was pushing the two year old around in a baby stroller, my kid is strong!!


FO: The Cutest Dress Ever

August 22, 2012

 I am not very impartial about this little dress.  I love it completely, and I’m so completely proud of having made it.  Before I get carried away, this is the pattern.  Not only that, but this is just one of these dresses that I made, I made another one for my friend’s daughter in Toronto.  AND not only that but the yarn and material is thrifted or from the Grannies sale.  ALSO, my daughter got the dress nice and dirty at dinner, and it washed up no problem, and is holding together.

Knitting the bodice was easy, and the skirt is machine sewn into a rectangle.  The tricky part is sewing it all together, which was all done by hand.  Again, I am just so impressed as the sewing is pretty good!  Each seam is covered by ribbon to make it nice and neat, and the straps are lined with ribbon.  The buttons are little hearts.  And of course, it fits!  I have the straps crossed for now, but later they can be uncrossed as she grows.  Okay, shameless boasting of my sewing prowess is over for now.

Daughter bragging now begins!  I know that most parents love their kids, and they love them more and more each day, especially at this stage where their baby begins to talk to them, and each day a new window opens into what they are thinking, and who they are.  I also know that all parents are pretty sure they have the best/smartest/most awesome kid in the world.  I would just like to say that my daughter amazes me each day with how loveable, fun, snuggly, funny, energetic, mischievous, and loving she is.  And this is two days after she scratched my eyeball!  What a lucky person I am.

 I really miss the cottage lifestyle of Ontario, the leisurely life, the beach, the water, swimming, buttertarts, running around in bathing suits all day, reading the day away.  We just went to Ontario for a week, mainly to visit relatives (2 great grandmothers, 1 grandmother, 1 grandpa, 2 aunties, Althea has now met most of her immediate family!) but I worked in a few days at a cottage.  She had fun playing at the beach, we went for a little hike in Alonguin Park, went to a beach there, and got away from phones, tv’s, and a lot of noise for a few days.  When she was asleep Mr. J and I read, drank wine, ate butter tarts, and relaxed, relaxed, relaxed.  I find I can only really relax away from the to-do lists of the house, and work.  Once I’m back home the unfinished to-do list hits me in the face, today at work I only managed to go through my e-mails, not really reading them, and make a longer to-do list.

We also survied the visit to GGMIL without too much pain, even though it wasn’t pretty.  Althea managed to neatly demonstrate why we weren’t staying with her by almost pulling a statue off it’s low pedestal (toddler height exactly) and crushing her feet.  We stayed instead with a friend with a  2 year old in a lovely child proof home with lotsa toys.  Watching our children playing together was a delight.  Good-bye vacation, hello working straight until Christmas.