Oh yeah I finished my Revellenics Project!

August 31, 2012

I even finished it a bit early, and most amazing of all, in time for us to take to Toronto and gift to my friend’s daughter.  It wasn’t even wet!  I know, AWESOME!!  The pattern is the Nichole Cardigan, from a talented designer from whom I look forward to many more patterns.  It is a fairly simple design, but wonderfully practical for toddlers.  It has length to it which allows it to be worn for more than a month, and short sleeves which means those don’t get grown out of as fast.  I also like that you don’t have to continuously push the sleeves up and out of the way, so practical!  I am worried that the pattern is more “camo” than “cute greens”, but I hope not too much.  My friend’s daughter has wonderful red hair, and I think it looked great on her.  I loved seeing our children playing together, at one point Althea was pushing the two year old around in a baby stroller, my kid is strong!!


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