Camping with a Toddler, Both Good and Bad

September 4, 2012

At the end of the weekend, when we were done unpacking, putting the toddler to bed, cleaning, and all the other tasks, Mr. J gave me a high-five “we did it”.  Camping with a toddler involves a lot of planning, organization, and work.  This time of year it is cold at night, and warm during the day, therefore once again I brought almost all her clothes.  I really, really want us to be a camping family, and without practicing, and doing it, we never will be.  The more we do it, the less work it will be to get all the details correct.  We tried to go camping two other times this year, but Mr. J’s work schedule stopped us, but we finally got down to Fernie!  The days were great, Althea had a wonderful time, and we were able to get her naps in the car.  The nights however, were not so easy.  The tent scared her, the wind, the noises, the strangeness.  Around 2 am both nights she was awake and screaming in terror, and clawing at us to be safely held.  At one point she was clamped onto me, trying to sleep with her face pressed tightly, tightly against mine.  In the end she slept tightly clamped to a boob, and we all got a bit of sleep, plus she was warm pressed up against me and under a sleeping bag.  I did have thoughts around 3 am both nights that we should pack up and go home, but then morning came, coffee was made, and Althea was back out and playing with the doggies, and wandering around happily.

I got to go for a bike ride in these beautiful woods, among the giant cedars and it was wonderful.  I feel so much better, so not stressed and grumpy, not so worn down, so much more me.  I should have worked all weekend, as now I’m in major trouble at work with meetings/deadlines/ship dates/ etc. etc. but at least I got a chance to see the giant cedar trees of Fernie once again, and it won’t be the last.  We’ll be out again next year, and we’ll practice our camping until we have it down pat.


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