The Art of Infidelity

September 13, 2012

A million years ago I worked in Singapore with a varied group of people, mostly men.  Singapore is a lovely place, with a seedy underbelly that I glimpsed occasionally, and didn’t like.  There is an overabundance of prostitutes, as that is legal, along with women looking for the rich guy to marry.  Please remember this is one facet of the culture over there, and by no means representative of Singaporean culture as a whole.  My male co-workers were a mixed bag, some nice guys, some honourable guys, and a douchebag or two.  One particular douchebag loved the ladies, and as another co-workers said “smelled like V.D.”.

This big douchebag liked to have different women each night, along with his two main ladies, a younger girl, and an older married lady.  He usually paid for his women, or as he once proudly told me one night at a nightclub “these girls are free, woohoo”.  Good for you douchebag, good for you.  Of his two main ladies he kept them apart for a long time, and also kept them in the dark about all the other ones, as he was very practiced at this, and good at it.  But as inevitably happens, they ran into each other.  Again, as he was very good at this, he knew which lady to send away immediately, and which one to keep behind to explain away the other lady, and keep her convinced she was the only one.  Once that was done, he went to Lady #2 and did the same thing.  As he was very good, they both accepted it, and everything went back to normal in the infidelity.

I am experiencing a similar problem with all the reports I need to write, and which are all due early next week.  Which one do I send away, and which one do I finish and make happy first?  Which one is gullible enough to believe me when I tell it I can’t get it done until next Monday, and which one do I need to get done for Friday?  Which one do I need to make happy, and from which one do I beg forgiveness later?  And please, please do not let either of those reports know about all the other things I also need to get done, I need to keep everyone separate, and convince them all that they are my one and only.  I love you all equally dear reports, and can’t wait to spend time with you.  Kiss kiss, and here is $50.


2 Responses to “The Art of Infidelity”

  1. Mom said

    Whew, you had me worried until I had read all the post.
    Love you,

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