My Baby Left Me This Week (My 70 000 lb Baby)

September 28, 2012

We shipped off our plant this week, which I’ve been working on almost this whole last year.  Doing the proposal, answering the questions, getting the order, doing the drawings, design, ordering the parts, getting it built, working on the documentation.  A ton of time and energy of mine has gone into this thing!  It is very nice when you can stand in a completed building, and pose for your photo.  So many engineers don’t really get out of the office to see the equipment, this job is better in that we are always around what we are designing/building.  Obviously a big team of people worked on this, and my boss did lots and lots of work on it as well.  I learned a lot doing the project management for this job, I think it was worth it.  I can’t really count it as an F.O. yet, as it hasn’t been installed or commissioned.  We didn’t hear it fell off on the highway north, so that is good.

In other news, October is almost here, which means a little munchkin will need a costume.  Yarn has been purchased!  Stay tuned….


One Response to “My Baby Left Me This Week (My 70 000 lb Baby)”

  1. Heather said

    Very cool! Is it in a trailer, and the whole thing was moved north by a truck?

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