My Warm Neck Part 1

October 4, 2012

In recent weeks, I have been on a bit of a cowl kick, which has resulted in a four part post.  Now this first one was made more than a few weeks ago, but it has taken me this long to get photographs of it.  My life involves dashing to work, dashing through work, dashing to daycare, dashing home, quickly changing, and removing all items that may not enjoy being splattered with food, which involves nice office clothes and sweaters I can’t throw in the machine super quick.  Photo sessions now involve a tiny person desperately trying to grab the camera.  Therefore I have started taking photographs of my neckwear in the morning, between the dash to the office, and the dash into the office.  Note the morning sun making a weird shadow on my face.  Note the earrings, this is how you can tell I’m going into the office, items such as this are removed as soon as I get home to avoid them being pulled out immediately.

But note most of all the Peter Rabbit by Fleece Artist mobius cowl with a simple knit so many rows, purl so many rows pattern.  I have a knee jerk reaction when I see the pure angora wool dyed in so many gorgeous easter egg colours, I just buy it.  Always, always love it.  This cowl is long, but I can shove it inside the jacket when I have it done up, and it keeps my chin nice and warm, I have a cold chin you know.  It likes being tucked into bunnies.


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