My Warm Neck Part 2

October 7, 2012

This cowl is made with a simple trinity stitch, or bramble stitch, or berry stitch.  No matter what you call it, it is one of my favorites, up there with bobbles.  The yarn is handspun bought in Moab approximately a thousand years ago, always waiting for something nice to make with it.  I realized years ago that it wasn’t enough for the scarf I had hoped to make, but a cowl was perfect!  My new coat requires cowls due to it’s high collar/hood construction.  A cowl fits into it perfectly, while a big scarf just wraps around the outside, and is almost in the way.  This cowl is high enough to keep that all important chin warm on a chilly day!  We had snow yesterday, and frost this morning, which resulted in a very chilly chin.  I have to admit, I usually wear this in the office until it warms up, around 10 am most days.  The yarn is an interesting mix of green, yellow and blue fibre, and it supposed to be a blend of wool, mohair, and silk.


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