There I am, do you recognize me?  Of course not, it is 10 am in the morning in Yellowknife, it is -28 oC, and I am about to take my glasses off as I couldn’t see due to the fogging up from my breath.  I had to have my cowl pulled up so high to avoid the cheek freeze.  I was out on a leisurely stroll from New Town to Old Town to check out some stores and take a few photos before we caught our plane back down south.  Isn’t it funny how leisurely strolls don’t really happen when it is that cold, you just walk very, very fast until you finally get to where you are going.

This is 11 am, looking across Great Slave Lake.  They aren’t going full dark, but they don’t get much light this time of year.  We didn’t see any Northern Lights due to clouds, our conference schedule (must network!!) and my need to go to sleep at 9 pm.  Poor boss guy, he is a night owl and likes to sleep in.  I go to sleep early, and am up at 6 am, ready to head off on the next adventure (which is usually breakfast).  He does have a good trait in that he likes his food, try not to work for a boss who skips lunch, or other meals.  It is not fun going hungry when one is braving such cold weather, or making small talk with operators from the high arctic.

Even though we were very busy at the conference chatting with people from all over the north, and learning about their water, wastewater, and solid waste issues, we got a little bit of time to sample the local cuisine, scenery, and do some shopping.  I got caribou antler buttons!  We had arctic char, bannock, these yummy oat cakes, but didn’t try any musk oxen.  I was torn about whether to sample the latter, as I’m not familiar with where they are raised, or whether their consumption is ethical or not.  I like to know these things.  It was the best conference food we had ever had.

Two messages stood out for me from the keynote speaker: gargage as a resource, and that we are in the plastic age.  He spoke about being out in the barrens, far from anything, and having a plastic bag blow by.  Keep that image in your head for awhile.

Yellowknife is full of art, and has beautiful dramatic vistas.  I only took a few photos due to finger freezing problems.


We’re still at it….

November 21, 2012

 She is 22 months old, and still nurses in the morning and at night.  She loves it, what can I say?  This weekend when she was sick, she nursed almost all the time, and really wanted to sleep attached, which was the only way to get her to sleep at times.  (She fell at daycare, split her lip which resulted in stitches, and then she had a reaction to the sedation medication, and a full body rash, all is well now).  She now asks for “milk” when she wants it, and is very impatient as most toddlers are.  If the “milk” is not forthcoming immediately, she is screaming on the floor.  We are working on “patience”, but I feel that is a slow train coming, and only maturity will bring it.  When she nurses her bottom hand is generally tucked up into me, and the other hand roams, in my mouth, my hair, my nose, it roams freely around it’s territory of Mummy.  The hair cannot be in a pony tail anymore as she yanks it out.  Oftentimes she wants her bare feet in my hair as well, she seems to love my hair.  Nursing her can be wonderful, peaceful, beautiful, annoying, painful, inconvenient, soothing, and rewarding.  I don’t have much milk anymore, but she honestly doesn’t seem to mind.  It is her security, her comfort, her safe place, and I won’t take that away from her even if some days it gets hard.  I have no idea when we will stop, but when we do I will miss it terribly.

Our Lil Lamby

November 11, 2012

 Our Lil Althea Lamby was a big hit this Hallowe’en, and for a good reason.  This little costume was easy to make, fast, and adorable so a huge hats off to the designer.  Just ingenius.  The yarn is Thick and Quick, held double with size 15 mm needles which felt like using broom sticks.  A simple trinity stitch is used to give the look of a sheep, we just put a white outfit with black shoes underneath.  The weather in Calgary was cold, foggy, overcast, and generally miserable so a nice warm costume was a definite plus.  She loved the hat, and would swish her head back and forth to feel the ears move.  In the photo she is eating a baby bel cheese, and pointing to a super cool light up bat decoration.  The cheese was soon spit out, and another one asked for.  I had to hide them, and put all the other candy out of her reach.  Sorry kiddo, wait until you are taller!

Monkey socks!!  I’m on the second one finally, and progress is slow as I generally work on them at Knit Night’s which I don’t get to that often, and trips in cars or planes which thankfully aren’t that common either.  I have a few things coming up, and hope to finish these soon, to make 1 pair of socks per year as my continuing speed.

 This is what I’ve been working on more, my Abalone which I should be casting off tonight.  Finishing involves sewing some seams, sewing in ends, and blocking.  I tried it on once and it seems to fit well, it is mean to fit as a vest that doesn’t meet in the middle, more like a rib warmer.  I had leftover yarn from a sweater that ended up being too small, which I have now frogged as I ran out of yarn for this.  With extra yarn I plan to make some Rosebuds.

 This is a scarf for Mr. J, which I finished but it was declared too short, which I agree with.  I am going to make it again, and sew the two pieces together.  Hope to be done by Christmas!

This is what I really want to work on, but I’ve been trying to get other projects done instead.  So hard to resist working on this sweater, as I can’t wait to wear it.  This is Paulie, and I know, the colour scheme is exactly like the pattern, but it is an excellent colour scheme.  It is all sock yarn weight, on 3 mm needles so progress is slow, but I love it.  I do have more projects cast on, and about 120 planned, but these are the main ones!!!

My Warm Neck Part #4

November 3, 2012

I can’t believe it either, another finished object to wear around my neck to keep me toasty warm this winter.  I think the colour of this shawl assists in the warming up, it is so bright and cheerful, and my new favorite colour of this season, a mix of warm golds.  I’m itching to have a sweater in this same colourway.  The pattern I used is Miriam Felton’s Adamas, a lovely simple pattern, easy but interesting.  Just my speed these days, often I don’t want to sit down and “figure things out” I just want to sit down at the end of a long day and knit, and unwind a bit.  I reach for the simpler soothing projects, instead of complicated.  This is also why I have a few things that just need finishing, such a hassle!

(As a side note, I was very proud of myself the other day as I did mending!  My mending pile had been sitting around for a year or so, but I finally buckled down and did it.  Now I have two extra pairs of pants to wear, and Althea’s tights aren’t ripped anymore.  Yeah me!)

The yarn for my gorgeous gold scarf is from the Yummy Yarn Studio’s Esty site, and really shouldn’t be a one off should it?  It is a blend of baby alpaca, silk and cashmere.