Homemade Christmas Prezzies!

January 8, 2013

New SweaterAlthea got a new sweater, as is my now two year old tradition!  This little sweater pattern, the Nichole cardigan is such a great design.  The fit is lovely, perfect for the adorable toddler body.  There are no sleeves to get in the way, and varigated yarn is an excellent fit.  Althea has been putting this sweater on herself.  New Sweater from frontPretty little yellow buttons finish it off, I put six on this one.  (She likes to drink water out of every container available.

The other little present was a simple tea cosy for my Dad, since my parents are still using the tea cosy I knit in high school, and it is looking really, really rough.  Tea cosies can be a fun little way to play with things.  I made two simple cable bands out of the blue yarn which used it all up. I then knit down in rib from the bottom of both bands.  I left the ends of the bands open for the spout and the handle.  I then picked up around the top of the bands and knit circularly in rib, decreasing as I went to the top.  I had thought a nice giant pom-pom would look good, but I decided I liked it without.  I think it is simple, but nice, and should keep my parents tea pot nice and cosy!!

Tea Cosy


2 Responses to “Homemade Christmas Prezzies!”

  1. Monica said

    That’s a lovely little sweater! My, she’s getting big! Love the teapot cozy, too. Very… cozy! 🙂

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