Da Works in Progress for Wednesday January 30 2013

January 30, 2013

I can’t believe it is almost February either!  I also can’t believe the Data Book is still not done for my big project, but that is another story.

January 30 2013 007First up:  The Aleph pattern from the Twist Collective 2012.  I had originally planned on making a traditional Aran sweater with this Briggs and Little yarn, with complicated cables up the wazoo.  I found myself not wanting to start the sweater, especially since I was going to have to do some “figuring out” on what I wanted to do.  This pattern however, is perfect.  Just perfect.  My current requirements are sweaters that have pockets, are warm, and have a cosy looser fitting construction.  This sweater also has a tiny bit of cabling, with more stocking stitch.  I get a bit of interest, and then all that relaxing knitting that I seem to be craving lately.  On 5 mm needles the sweater grows fast!  I have almost one arm done as well.  It is a cardigan with an EPS design, once the body and sleeves are done they are all attached together and the yoke is knit.  I think I will be short some yarn on this, but it shouldn’t be that hard finding more.  Hopefully.  So far so

January 30 2013 008


Now my Paulie on the other hand, has turned into a bit of a challenge.  I had four balls of grey, which seemed like plenty, but they all got used up in the body of the sweater.  No problem I figured, it is commercial yarn, easy to find more!  But the newer Kroy sock yarn gray is a shade darker, and it is NOTICABLE!  I didn’t really want to have to start buying or trading for more of the same yarn online, and I figured I could just knit the sleeves and body until an even number of stripes were done, then switch to the darker yarn, but that wasn’t working out either.  BUT I found a lady who has promised to send me more yarn, so this Paulie may have a happy ending after all.  I’m just a bit upset now I pulled back all those stripes on the body!!


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