Paulie BodyI was lucky enough to get some more yellow label Kroy for my Paulie sweater from a kind lady in Barrie Ontario!  I have finished the sleeves, and am wishing I hadn’t pulled out three stripes on the body!  Two more stripes and I’m on the border.

Cowl in the snow

I also finished a cowl for a swap, which I can’t show you yet as I only just mailed it today.  The impression it made in our new snow was rather pretty however.  I do hope the receipient likes it.

So folks, life continues on as normal.  The more I try and reduce stress in my life the more it ramps up and up.  We’ve had a big disaster up north in the form of rusting tanks, we’re working on a big desalination bid that is consuming our time, and the small requests for water treatment systems keep coming in.  Co-workers keep squabbling, customers keep yelling at me, albeit mostly politely, this is Canada after all.  Everything needs to be done yesterday.  I stayed home today and plowed through a big to-do, which makes me happy.  Not getting things done stresses me out, getting things done makes me happy, go figure.  My boss wanted a meeting with us yesterday to discuss all the things we had to do, and I actually begged him to just let us go and do the things instead of wasting an hour of our time talking about them.  Didn’t work, and talk about them we did, all the while I did my deep breathing to keep my cool.  Today all is well, and I get my day off on Friday to spend with my little girl in the mountains.  Yeah!!