I’m Forty!

March 4, 2013

Birthday YarnIt is true, I’m officially in my forties!  I feel forty, I think I look forty, and I don’t mind being forty, it feels like it fits.  We celebrated by heading to the mountains this weekend, and enjoying good family time at a resort with a most awesome family pool complex.  Fia had so much fun playing in the toddler pool, the big pool, and the indoor/outdoor hot tub.  Mr. J arrived on Saturday just before lunch from his business trip, and Fia celebrated some more with a 3 hour nap.  Therefore I got to head over to Knit and Caboodle in Canmore and bought some Birthday Yarn!  It is Freia Ombre yarn in the Moab colourway.  It is so pretty I may never knit with it, just keep it like this forever to look at.  What a great store by the way, I can’t believe I never made an effort to find it before.  An excellent selection of yarn you want to see, with large stock of some very desireable brands, and some very pretty locally dyed items.  I was also impressed by the large selection of accessories, they had a lot of fun stuff.  I was sorely tempted by some Sweet Georgia yarn, but restrained to just one perfect skein.

I don’t remember what I did for my tenth birthday, or my twentieth other than I was in University at the time.  For my thirtieth I had wanted to go to Bali, but just went to New Hampshire instead to ski.  My current flame and I went skating during a massive snowstorm, by the end we were skating through a foot of snow, I remember it being so beautiful.  I thought for sure I would go to Bali for my fortieth.

Here I am, and I’m not in Bali.  The truth be told, I don’t really want to go to Bali right now, I’ve already been.  One day I’ll go back, but right now a trip to the mountains, and watching my little girl have so much fun was the best time I can think of.  I am truly the luckiest girl in the world, as everything I had wanted at thirty is now mine.  A family, a wonderful husband, a beautiful daughter, these were my hearts desires at thirty.  Back then this seemed like a possibily unobtainable dream, but one I dreamed anyhow.  Dreams should be dreamt, even when you don’t know if they will come true.

I wonder what I will be like at fifty or even sixty now.  I’ve been picturing myself working at sixty, and wondering what that will look like, and what I’ll be doing.  As a result I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about career paths, and where I would like to be, and how I should try and get there.  What are my dreams for myself when I’m fifty or sixty?  Seventy?  I have a better idea what I would like to do at seventy, when I will be retired for sure.  A man tried to get me to come work for him this summer and asked me what my career plan was, what I wanted to do.  I’m not quite sure, but starting to think about it is a good step, deciding where you want to be, and then figuring out how to get there.  I am also lucky in that I have a number of different paths I can take, which is a benefit of a good education and resume that I have behind me.

So Happy Birthday to me, the luckiest girl in the world!


2 Responses to “I’m Forty!”

  1. margene said

    Forty is the best of all ages and you’re proof! Here’s to your next decade! It will be THE BEST!

  2. Heather said

    Who needs Bali when you’ve got family and Canmore? Happy Birthday!

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