WIP: First Day of Spring Edition!!!

March 20, 2013

And like Calgary spring sprung with lovely weather, in fact I tried to talk the boss into a nap on a patio after our fancy lunch, but he didn’t go for it.  Something about “work”, “deadlines”, “get your butt back to the office and get on that conference call”.  And tomorrow more snow is due, with colder temperatures again.  Spring is dangled under our noses, and then snatched away cruelly.  About that fancy lunch, it was fancy, sushi!  Yum.  However when you are entertaining high level execs from major companies, you also need to be so careful what you say, how you present yourself, appear personable, smart, and an expert.  Definitely can’t spill sauce on your shirt, awkwardly drop your california roll from your slippery chop sticks, or mention that you were up for two hours in the middle of last night trying to get your daughter back to sleep, but who was having trouble because you couldn’t stop coughing.  Don’t do that.

Rustica Vest in ProgressThese days I’m working away on a few things, the big news is that Paulie is bound off, and I’m sewing in ends on all those stripes.  Should only take another 3-4 days!  Ouch.  My “pick-it up and work on it for a little bit here and there project”, is the Rustica vest pictured at left.  I’m curently working on the middle section, and then have the left front to do.  At that point I’ll be above the pocket slips and working up the body!  You don’t really need to look at the pattern very often so it is a good here and there project.  So if Fia ever plays solo without me, which she does every now and then I can pick it up.  Normally I can get 5 minutes in before she rushes over and insists I colour with her, or something else!

Happy First Day of Spring and Vernal Equionx tous le monde!


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