WIP: April 17th, 2013

April 17, 2013

Leaf ScarfKnitting time has been scarce lately with being up north for two weeks.  Our schedule there was out of the hotel at 6 am, on site at 7:30 am, and who knew when we would get back?  I’m still sore at the operator who informed me rudely at 7 pm that I wasn’t leaving until everything had been run and shut down by us, not just us showing him how to do it.  How dare I be exhausted and hungry?  Harrumpf!  He was voted my least favorite operator.  Besides, I was working with 3 guys, all of whom were also tired, hungry and grumpy, it was practically self preservation that we needed to get back to town and eat nachos and other bad food.

But WiP!’s.  I am sewing up my Aleph sweater, after a major mistake that had me ripping out the completed yoke to start over.  And now that it is done I have found another major mistake, but pzzzzztttthhh to that and I just sewed the durn thing up.  Nobody is looking in my armpits, and if they are, they should just get out of my armpits.  I hope to have it blocking tonight!!!  Just in time for more snow this weekend, yeah!

Here and there I am also working on the leaf scarf shown above, which I love.  It is very addictive however so I was leaving it down in the basement until I got my sweaters done.  The fun thing with Noro is that the colour changes seem limitless, I don’t think this ball ever repeats!!

Still other things on the needles, which will get spot lighted another time.  I need to start making some baby things for a co-worker, and I’m also itching to start some summer items!  I have spent far too long on these last two sweaters, as I insist on knitting them twice over.  New things!  Yeah!  Shiny!


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