FO: Aleph

April 29, 2013

Aleph SweaterFinishing a worsted weight sweater in the spring, in Calgary is never a waste-I feel like I could wear it almost every day.  I wore it again today to work and had to have a scarf on as well, I was driving home through a white-out snow storm – again.  Aleph fits easy, is comfortable, and is warm, which is still so important to me.  Fia can fit her head inside those pockets, she actually tried and succeeded after I left daycare one day with her toys, shoes, hat, mitts, and dirty clothes tucked into the pockets.

I messed up on this pattern twice, and had to reknit the yoke, but all my fault, nothing to do with the pattern which was well written.  It does to go show why I need simple patterns to do still, and why I should circle all my sizes first thing in the pattern before I start knitting.

I made this with Briggs and Little Aran, it is soft and appears relatively untreated, closer to a sheep than other yarn which I love.  I have a fondness for outer garment yarn such as this, not meant to be soft enough to be worn against the skin, but intended for rugged outer garments, wind proof, water proof sailor sweaters.  If you want to make an Aran sweater, buy this yarn.

Antler buttonsI used my caribou antler buttons that I bought in Yellowknife last year, I think they are just perfect.  The sweater pulls some, more buttons would have held it together better, but oh well.  Until it actually gets warm around here, I’m living in this sweater!


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