WIP:May 15th 2013

May 15, 2013

Sockhead hatFia went to sleep a tiny bit earlier than normal, but I have to warn you the cats are upstairs waiting for me to come back up and pat them.  They expect me on the couch bearing pats as soon as the child is quiet, sometimes before.  I have a very strict schedule imposed on me; get child to sleep, pat cats, provide lap for cats to sleep on.  They wait for me to go upstairs to sleep, so they can drink out of the sink, and sleep on my feet.  A very demanding schedule.  I have been busy working on an “anytime” project, something simple for when I have a minute here, one there.  It is a sock head hat, and meant to be a summer camping toque, or early fall or late spring hat.  I’ve always loved this colour of Socks that Rock, but without the nylon it is not suitable for socks.  It was either going to become a baby gift or something else, and I think the toque is coming out nicely.  If there is any left over it will become bootiesl

Vest almost doneMy vest is also nearing completion, I’m finishing the collar, then I have the pockets to knit.  I have plenty of yarn left, perhaps some mittens with it?  I thought the collar was a bit inadequate, so I made a turning row and I’m doubling the length and will sew it down double.  That way the right side will be out whether the collar is up or down, and when I do the zipper up the double thickness will increase the cozy factor exponentially.  That is the plan, we will see how it goes.

Life continues apace with my wee one, work continues as well.  Today I found myself in the role of meeting and work facilitator.  It seems I am the only one who gets along with all employees, and I get to help them play nice in the sandbox together.  It is easier typed than done, I had to pull one co-worker off the roof when he lost his temper, and coach another boss on how to deal with him.  Now that I have a two year old at home, it really isn’t much different dealing with my co-workers.  By the time I’m done with my company they are all going to be pulling and playing together as a team, or else I tell ya.

I have had a few themes in my speeches to my employees lately; calming oneself down when one is mad, we do deep yoga breathing exercises, compassion, empathy, and adaptation.  I also threaten that my co-workers will have to hug each other if they fight, and it tends to break things up quickly.  It is also incredibly how the yoga breathing diffuses situations when dealing with my extremely rough, blue-collar co-workers.  I do it myself all the time in conference calls when I’m getting mad.  Turn your palms up, hands out, and concentrate on the breathe in and out, going all the way down to your belly, and all the way out using your diaphragm.  Magic technique.  Some days I think I could become a manager yet, and other days I’m just sure I’m breaking up fights in the sandbox, and preaching sharing, gentle, and friends.  Geez.