WIP: Wednesday June 26th – Bobble Madness

June 26, 2013

Bobble madnessI have been meaning to make this sweater for a long, long time, and bought some Jubilee Alpaca a couple of years ago just for this.  It may seem a strange random choice to be making a sweater from a 1981 Bernat booklet, but I’m sure some of you are well aware of my bobble obsession.  Well, this is one of the sweaters that started it!  I have this sweater made by my grandmother and I still wear it often, even though the beige acrylic is looking very ratty.  For some reason it is comfy, goes with many outfits, and fits really well.  I’m following the dimensions of the original sweater, and I have high hopes.  I love the fawn colour of the alpaca, it has such softness and strength.  Jubilee Alpaca is a farm in Saskatchewan, and this stuff is worth the price, and the drive.  Yum.  I have finished the back already, and I’m rushing up the front!  I have found a little bit more knitting time as my darling Fia goes to sleep on her own while I knit in my room quietly.  So peaceful.


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