Rainy Winnipeg I have been doing some super exciting work travel lately, if you consider Winnipeg and Edmonton exciting.  Next week I get an all expense paid trip to Cold Lake!  I get to go all the good places don’t I?  I have never been a huge fan of Winnipeg, but this trip it started to grow on me.  I think it was the summer that helped, Winnipeg is full of nice big green trees.  I miss the big green trees in Calgary, where I live there are very few big trees.  I can’t afford to live in the neighbourhoods with tree lined streets.  My house is up on a big, big hill, which meant during the recent horrific, record breaking, terrible floods we were absolutely fine.  We didn’t even have our power flick.  My brother lives up on the other huge hill in Calgary, and he was just fine as well, one thing my Dad instilled: don’t buy in the lowlands.

I think one reason Winnipeg appealed more on this trip is that my boss and I got away from the downtown and airport regions and explored some of the more interesting neighbourhoods.  He likes going to local joints like me, so we had some nice meals.  He also loves his dessert and wanted to go to an old fashioned ice cream walk-up place, which was a lot of fun.  He ordered a Grog, which was an upside down blueberry sundae in a cup.  Unfortunately I haven’t been feeling very well for the last few months, so I just took it easy.  We were done early on the last day, and I convinced him to stop by another local yarn store, which was in an old house.  This is my favorite type of yarn store; room after room after hallway lined with more and more yarn to explore.  Even the driving rain couldn’t dampen my mood!   I think I could handle living on this street, all the trees, the old houses which I could actually afford to buy, a little local café, and a beautiful yarn store.  I don’t have any intentions of moving, but I did do an MLS check and yup, I could afford to live in this neighbourhood.  I took away one little happy souvenir:

Sweet Georgia

Sweet Georgia Sock Yarn!


Olds HaulEvery year I look forward to the trip to Olds for their Fibre week.  It is such a wonderful opportunity to buy local yarn direct from the seller or farm.  Of course Fia comes with me, and we have found enough fun things to do in Olds to make it a great day.  But first, the haul!  Starting on the left, this is my traditional skein of Peter Rabbit from Fleece Artist.  I just love this stuff, and it is a rare find in stores, much less this awesome blue/green colour.  I buy one a year from Pam’s Wooly Shoppe!  Next up is 4 skeins from Spring Harvest Farms.  This is a local farm that raises mohair goats, and all of this yarn is a blend with 30% wool.  I managed to get some of this at the Stampede one year, and fell in love with the uber softness of it.  I also love, love the dying that the lady who runs the farm does.  The purple/white is a good example, such a lovely blend.  This will be a hat for me for sure.  The solid purple next to it should become a bigger cowl, while the bulky blue will hopefully become a new winter hat for Fia.  Next up is a whole pile of yarn I couldn’t resist, especially not after getting “Knitting with Icelandic Wool” out of the library.  I have an uncontrollable urge to knit the whole family sweaters from this book, especially Fia, there are so many good kids dresses/sweaters.  This lopi is from a farm just south of Bragg Creek, Heidi Woolens.  She was unaffected in the recent flooding as the sheep live up in the mountain area.  The brown is so dark it looks black, and will make an incredible Ranga.  The yarn is grown and spun in Alberta at Custom Woolen Mills.

Love MugThis year I came home with not one but three mugs from “Heather” who is based just south of Edmonton.  My new mug is perfect for my morning espresso, small enough to seem full, and tucks into my hand like it was made for it.

Fia pulling up the plants in Olds

After we were done with the vendor market (I wasn’t done, but my small companion was) we headed out to enjoy the beautiful grounds of Olds College.  Fia played in puddles which delighted a few passerbys, attempted to steal this nice plant which we quickly replanted, and had a grand old time running around the lawns.  We then went out to lunch where she discovered how cool it is to have ice cubes in your water.  Such small things that we take for granted delight this little girl.  How wonderful to experience everything with her.