Baby ItemsI am busy trying to finish up projects!  Yup, no more casting on until September 1, at which point I hope to be done with summer projects, and working on fall/winter sweaters!!  I have been busy as you can see at left working through some stash that I had earmarked for baby gift items, plus a sweater for Fia, the large one in the background.  All of them need buttons sewn on, so still WIP, no finished yet.  On top is my latest baby gift item, which is also the oldest stash I have on my list.  What a double win eh?  The gift box is going to be full, so all my friends and acquaintances can go ahead and have babies now, I’m ready.  A nice assortment of boy/girl items even.  Once I’m done the blue sweater I will work on some sock yarn toys I’ve been meaning to make for ages for some birthday presents for some friends kids that are coming up.  I am doing really well using up old stash, go me!!

Gold SweaterThis project, Pause by Norah Gaughan was an impulse buy, but I did cast on right away.  I love almost everything in this booklet, and am happy I decided to make something right away.  I’d like to make 3 or 4 other projects from this book.  Grab a copy if you can, these things go out of print.  I’m using the yarn called for, it is a muted gold, and slight sparkly.  I have finished the front and have started the back.  I should get to wear it a day or two before the snow flies!!

I am finishing up my bobble sweater, it is my upstairs project for when I’m waiting for Fia to go to sleep.  I am almost on the sleeves, which I will have to reverse and make top down.  I don’t know how long they are going to be before I run out of yarn.  Should be an adventure.  I hope you are getting things finished up to get working on those fall sweaters!!!


Mango Shake!

I really do enjoy the Stampede, and Fia does as well.  My hubby went for the first time in years, and he enjoyed himself!  I was asked by an American recently if it was worth it to come up to see the Stampede, and after my enthusiastic endorsement he commented that I lit up and really came alive when describing all the fun things to do.  We keep it simple, and with the little miss’s nap schedule we only stayed until just after lunch.  Which worked out well as a massive thunderstorm hit while we were all asleep in bed!  Some random favorites:

-Fia loved the train ride on the LRT.  Every time we came to a stop she asked for “more” and once the train took off again she was so excited.  Our trip had around 10 stop, which was very, very exciting.

-The horses of course.  Fia patted big ones, little ones, medium ones, and all the in between ones.

-Miniature donkeys – patted those too!

-Cows – also patted.

-Sheep – ditto.  We didn’t get over to the pigs, but those would have been patted I’m sure.

-Mini-donuts, tower of potato chips, corn dog, pizza, steak on a bun, mango shakes, all consumed, but mostly by Mr. J.  He really enjoyed the fun food, I had a tummy ache after pizza and chips.  Fia loved the corn dog, which is good as she will probably only get one of these a year.

-I loved seeing all my friends get ribbons for their knitting.  Normally I would spend more time looking at all the art both professional and amateur, but we were on a bit of a time schedule this year.

There is way more to do here, I would have liked to get Fia down to see some traditional native dancing.  She would have loved the music.  I had hoped to go again, but then poof, it was over!  Next year she may be able to sit longer for some shows, she is going to love, love Super Dogs!!