Striped sweaterThe early bed time is not mine, it is Fia’s!  Lately she has been asleep by 8 pm, as opposed to during the summer when she was up until 9 pm or later.  A good side effect of the early dark nights now!  She is also falling asleep quickly, almost as if she finally understands this is the time to sleep, boom!  Five minutes later.  I have been finishing up stuff all summer, especially the month of September, and I have photos for some, and need to take some more photos!  This little sweater is based on a free Lion Brand basic sweater pattern, and was a nice way to use up extra Cascade Pacific.  I can recommend this yarn, especially for gift items.  It is soft, superwash, and comes in a lot of nice colours.  The one downfall of this pattern is that it is way to wide for my skinny girl, but it fits her none the less.

With ladybugsThe little lady bug buttons were bought of all places at the Cold Lake Wal-Mart.  I had to go there to buy new needles for one that had broken in my purse, which I didn’t discover until we started the 2 hour drive from Lloydminster to Cold Lake.  Other than Wal-Mart there isn’t much selection in that town.  I convinced my boss we needed snacks for the long day, as we didn’t know how long we would be working.  I have a bit more experience working I the middle of nowhere than he does, and since my chocolate melt-down in Peace River I like to be prepared.  The meltdown involved me realizing there was no chocolate within 1 hour of me, and no idea how long we would be working that night.  I freaked the freak out, and by the next day there were chocolate bars all around.  Also: bears.  Serious stuff yo.  I think the ladybugs add a nice little detail to the cute sweater, and they are very appreciated by the two year old.  And next time you see my two year old, ask her how old she is.  She says “six” every single time.  I can’t convince her otherwise, it is very amusing.  Also: good thing about my boss is he hasn’t figured out yet when I am just trying to get him to do something so that I can visit a yarn store, or get knitting tools.  Unlike a certain husband.


WIP: October 2, 2013

October 2, 2013

Cowl Yoke SweaterI have finally, finally pulled out and starting knitting some of the MadTosh I have squirrelled away in the basement!  This it some lovely Vintage in the colourway Night Bloom, which is a good change from my normal blue/green choices.  I am knitting a pattern called the “Cowl Neck Vest”.  I wanted to make it as soon as I saw it as it looked so very, very warm.  Picture me sitting on the couch in the winter with the 13″ cowl pulled up to my eyes, barely able to see out, knitting away.  I am going to have the warmest chin/nose combination in Calgary!  This photo was taken before the weekend, I am almost down to the bottom of the yoke now.  Once I separate off the sleeves I will be in good shape!  I may even finish this after the end of next weekend!  Which is good as I have another sweater ready and waiting in the queue, which should be even warmer and woollier!!  In summary: I love being warm in the cold, cold winter.

Fia’s Tunic

October 1, 2013

Ava's tunicIf you can believe it, I knit the little tunic Fia is wearing (Ava’s Tunic is the pattern name) in just over a week.  We had a wedding to go to, but as per normal I didn’t get started until just the weekend before, and then I had to reknit the top portion of the tunic 3 times due to mistakes (on my part, not the pattern).  I was busy sewing ends in on the way to the wedding!  I realize most of this is for me, and Fia doesn’t care much, not when there are DOGS around to pat, but I thought she looked ADORABLE.  I am also exceedingly pleased with my colour choices.  This Cascade primo cotton, which has incredible choice of colours, I could have gone with greens, purples, or these turquoise/blue/pink that I did.  I had all the blues pulled out and was busy trying to decide which 4 or 5 I liked, when I suddenly pulled out the pink, and thought that really amped the tunic up.  The colours are a grey/blue, turquoise, a dark turquoise, and the pink.  I love it, and maybe one day I will get around to blocking it.

Dress standing upI am very far behind on showing my FO’s, along with what I’m working on.  The last three weekends I have had to work, which has cut into my spare time for doing fun things like writing on this blog.  Knitting is all about survival, I need it to wind down after a stressful day/week.  Blogging requires more than drooling on the couch, therefore I haven’t been feeling up to it.  I do miss it and enjoy it, and I have so many stories to tell you.  Fall is in full swing here in Calgary, and I really did think it was going to snow last Sunday.  We have all our woollies pulled out, and I’m regularly wearing the sweater/scarf/hat/mitten outfit to work in the morning now.  I miss summer, it is over too soon!!