Fia’s Tunic

October 1, 2013

Ava's tunicIf you can believe it, I knit the little tunic Fia is wearing (Ava’s Tunic is the pattern name) in just over a week.  We had a wedding to go to, but as per normal I didn’t get started until just the weekend before, and then I had to reknit the top portion of the tunic 3 times due to mistakes (on my part, not the pattern).  I was busy sewing ends in on the way to the wedding!  I realize most of this is for me, and Fia doesn’t care much, not when there are DOGS around to pat, but I thought she looked ADORABLE.  I am also exceedingly pleased with my colour choices.  This Cascade primo cotton, which has incredible choice of colours, I could have gone with greens, purples, or these turquoise/blue/pink that I did.  I had all the blues pulled out and was busy trying to decide which 4 or 5 I liked, when I suddenly pulled out the pink, and thought that really amped the tunic up.  The colours are a grey/blue, turquoise, a dark turquoise, and the pink.  I love it, and maybe one day I will get around to blocking it.

Dress standing upI am very far behind on showing my FO’s, along with what I’m working on.  The last three weekends I have had to work, which has cut into my spare time for doing fun things like writing on this blog.  Knitting is all about survival, I need it to wind down after a stressful day/week.  Blogging requires more than drooling on the couch, therefore I haven’t been feeling up to it.  I do miss it and enjoy it, and I have so many stories to tell you.  Fall is in full swing here in Calgary, and I really did think it was going to snow last Sunday.  We have all our woollies pulled out, and I’m regularly wearing the sweater/scarf/hat/mitten outfit to work in the morning now.  I miss summer, it is over too soon!!


One Response to “Fia’s Tunic”

  1. Jen said

    I kind of feel like one minute it was summer- the next it was FALL and there was no transition between the two. BOO to the cold! (Really cute colors on the tunic!)

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