WIP: October 2, 2013

October 2, 2013

Cowl Yoke SweaterI have finally, finally pulled out and starting knitting some of the MadTosh I have squirrelled away in the basement!  This it some lovely Vintage in the colourway Night Bloom, which is a good change from my normal blue/green choices.  I am knitting a pattern called the “Cowl Neck Vest”.  I wanted to make it as soon as I saw it as it looked so very, very warm.  Picture me sitting on the couch in the winter with the 13″ cowl pulled up to my eyes, barely able to see out, knitting away.  I am going to have the warmest chin/nose combination in Calgary!  This photo was taken before the weekend, I am almost down to the bottom of the yoke now.  Once I separate off the sleeves I will be in good shape!  I may even finish this after the end of next weekend!  Which is good as I have another sweater ready and waiting in the queue, which should be even warmer and woollier!!  In summary: I love being warm in the cold, cold winter.


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