Cowl Neck VestSlowly, slowly, working out from behind a few trips, multiple illnesses of the family, and the pressures of life.  I hope to tell you about the trips and not the illnesses, as who wants to hear about this.  The other day I was thinking “when it takes me over five minutes to tell someone all the things going on with us, it is not good”, but the colds, flus, bumps on the head etc, are slowly going away and we are gearing up for a fun holiday season.  Somewhere along the way I finished my cowl neck vest pictures at left, which I made from MadTosh Vintage in the colour Night Bloom.  I really like having a non green/blue sweater to wear!  I need to make more purple/pink items as they look nice on my pasty skin.  This vest took a lot of buttons, which meant a few trips back to Fabricland to buy enough.  There is still one missing, but it is under the cowl neck fold so you can’t see it.  It needed a lot of buttons however so that the front band wouldn’t gape, it sits nicely now.  I really love the pockets, I never want to make a sweater without pockets again!  I had to change from the garter stitch edging to the ribbing due to rolling, which would not have been a problem if I had stuck to the single ply yarn used in the original.  Multiple yarn rolls badly if you try and do a garter stitch edge, I am not sure of this, as this is my second failure with that.  I also learned how to remove an edging and knit “backwards” when I had to remove the garter stitch edging at the top of the cowl neck, essentially the start of the sweater as it was top down.  I took out the edging, picked up stitches and knit back the ribbing, you can’t even tell it wasn’t done the normal way.  Good skill learning Anne!!  I really like how this has turned out, even though I am once again sure that raglan sleeves just aren’t for me.  The cowl neck makes a nice little heat cloud around my neck and chin, which I love.  More FO’s to follow soon, barring more illness/work/travel/unknown.