VestI cannot believe that I started this vest in February, and just now sewed the zipper into it.  I haven’t taken it off since, I love it that much, why did I wait so long?  The sewing of the zipper is a tricky business, and I do have a little mistake to fix at the bottom of the right front, but that would involve taking it off, which I haven’t done.  The one modification I made to this pattern (Rustica) is that I made the collar double thickness.  I knitted the regular collar, knit a turning row, and then knit back down again exactly.  I sewed the zipper in between the two sides of the collar, then I sewed the inside of the collar down.  What a genius move!  The dollar sits down nicely when open, and when zipped up is a lovely warm next for my neck and chin.  I have it zipped up right now!  The yarn is almost perfect, in fact if there is any yarn with this grey base, and multi colours on top of it I am almost sure to buy it immediately.  It is neutral but matches almost all my layering shirts.  And the pockets, genius, I love pockets now.  I made this vest as I was always wearing a ratty blue fleece vest around the house, and this was my attempt to recreate it in yarn.  I really love the result, can you tell?

PauseThis is Pause, from the summer Berroco pamphlet, of which I love almost all the designs, and may have yarn now for one or two more.  Unfortunately I finished this sweater just as it got too cold to wear it.  I also have a layering problem, as most of my t-shirts have V-necks, so next spring I need to get a high neck t-shirt to wear underneath this.  I really do love this little tank, even if I do need to fix the arm holes, which are too tight.  The yarn is a muted gold, which is so different from what I normally buy or work with, and it reminds me of a top my Grandmother would have chosen to make.  I can’t say I 100% love this yet, as I really have only worn it once or twice to try it on.  Next summer will be the test!  I also need to stop making summer sweaters that finish in September, but start them in March instead!

I have finished another little sweater, but Fia won’t try it on, so no photos yet.


FO: Actual Socks

December 30, 2013

Alpaca socks doneThe goal as stated for 2013 was to knit two pairs of socks.  I am very into goals, and avoid setting them when I can in order to not get upset when I can’t achieve them.  For instance I like setting the following goal: This weekend I shall do three loads of laundry.  When I finish the three loads, I celebrate a little bit with a happy dance and a sense of achievement.  For as we know one load of laundry is okay, two is better and three is pretty awesome.  Therefore I am sad to report that this is my sole pair of socks for the year, and therefore I have failed.  I am a two pair of sock failure.  The only good news to report is that the simple socks, constructed from an alpaca/wool/nylon blend are really, really nice socks, and the blue/purple colourway glows a little bit, especially when backlit by work and my computer screen.  A little happy on a cold working day.  I intend to make my goal for next year two pairs of socks again, but this time I have a higher weight yarn to use for one of them, which is only 40 sts around instead of my normal 64 st.  It is not cheating, it is being smart.

Bobble SweaterThis is how far behind I am!!  I finished this sweater in the summer, I believe around July.  I did manage to get photos the end of the summer, and now have finally uploaded them.  First of all, pluses and minuses of this sweater.  Plus: I love this pattern and the yarn.  Minus: ran out of yarn on the sleeves so instead of the 3/4 ones I wanted they are 1/2.  The pattern is vintage, it was my Grandmother’s.  I have a sweater that she made from this pattern and I have always loved it, and I still wear it’s acrylic beige loveliness.  It is the perfect length, and the seamed shoulders fit me well, and don’t fall off me when open like a raglan sleeve seems to.  The yarn is Jubilee Alpaca from Saskatoon, raised, spun and sold locally.  It is a natural cream colour that I love, and I probably can get more of it when I get around to calling the store.  After all, animals don’t change their natural colour that much do they?  I knit the sleeves top down so that I could lengthen them if I ever got more yarn.  I was also not sure how long the sleeves would end up being, and using this method I was able to get as long a sleeve as possible from the yarn.  Have you noticed all the lovely bobbles up the front panels?  I know, they are so adorable.  Bobble, bobble, bobbly.

I have a few more FO’s to show off for the year, my stash to upload and count, Christmas presents to show off, and some New Year’s resolutions to discuss soon.  Yeah!

WIP: December 11, 2013

December 11, 2013

Vest BackHello!  I haven’t had a WIP for a little while, but I’ve been a busy beaver.  At left is a photo of the navy blue vest I am knitting for my 6′ 7″ husband.  It is navy blue, 3.75 mm needles, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  Oh sorry, I must have dropped off there. This. Vest. Is. So. Boring.  Navy. Blue.  3.75 mm Needles.  19 inches to the underarm, 11 inches to the top of the shoulder.  That is what I knit for the front and back for myself.  I have found myself wondering why I married such a tall guy, and then I remind myself what a good, honest, wonderful man he is and I keep knitting on.  And on.  And on.  And poke my eye out.  And on.  And oh my goodness on.  The unbelievable thing is that I almost have finished the back of this thing.  Once I get to the front there will be some argyle diamonds to liven it up a little bit.  For another 30 inches, but Diamonds!  Yahoo.  I really don’t think this can be done in time for Christmas, but perhaps sometime after Christmas.  I am only human, and he is very tall after all.  I have plans to make Fia a sock horse for Christmas, and I’m starting her piggies which I plan to give her for her birthday.

First little piggyThere will be 4 piggies in total, this is one of the baby piggies.  The Mummy is pink, the other babies are teal and green.  Mummy pig got around big time!  In other exciting news, I have sent Christmas cards out (yes in the mail box even ) before Christmas.  Not the end of January, before Christmas.  Please don’t all fall over at once.  I may also be done my Christmas shopping, most of which was for my in-laws.  I can’t believe it either!  Cheerio!

Rasta CowlThe temperatures are dropping significantly this week, and we are in the midst of our first blizzard. Thankfully we got the snow tires on the truck last week.  The truck handles very well in the snow, but it was still 1.5 hours to work in the morning, and 2 hours home in the evening.  The boss was supposed to let us to home early, but he got all caught up in making us work and I guess he forgot.  I’m a bit steamed about it, and days like this with stressful drives back and forth across the city make me want to look for a new job.  Last spring I finally got two skeins of Rasta wool, after which I had been lusting for a long time.  I would like one in almost every colourway, but I settled on these two.  I made a drop-stitch cowl, but didn’t like how it fit, too loose to keep out the cold around my always cold neck and chin.  I found this pattern at left, the “Red Rasta Cowl” and it is perfect for fitting up nicely over the neck, chin and nose area.  I think the simple rib and moss stitch really show off the colour of the yarn nicely.  This is just the ticket for the -20 oC we’re expecting this week.

Wham Bam CowlMy purple yarn I made into a “Wham Bam Thank-you Lamb” cowl, which sits nicely under the chin.  Again the simple garter stitch shows off the colourway nicely, and I get a nice little necklace of warm around my neck.  I wore this this morning and it was perfect.  I am enjoying cowls more than scarves these day with my coats, something that tucks inside the high collar rather than going around outside it is warmer with our cold climate and razor sharp winds.

I sure hope the blizzard is over by the morning, as I have to drive across the city again to work.  Plus our new secretary was in the hospital this weekend with a severe flu, so you just know we all caught that last Friday.  Joy, Joy, Joy.