My Cold Neck-Fall 2013 Version

December 2, 2013

Rasta CowlThe temperatures are dropping significantly this week, and we are in the midst of our first blizzard. Thankfully we got the snow tires on the truck last week.  The truck handles very well in the snow, but it was still 1.5 hours to work in the morning, and 2 hours home in the evening.  The boss was supposed to let us to home early, but he got all caught up in making us work and I guess he forgot.  I’m a bit steamed about it, and days like this with stressful drives back and forth across the city make me want to look for a new job.  Last spring I finally got two skeins of Rasta wool, after which I had been lusting for a long time.  I would like one in almost every colourway, but I settled on these two.  I made a drop-stitch cowl, but didn’t like how it fit, too loose to keep out the cold around my always cold neck and chin.  I found this pattern at left, the “Red Rasta Cowl” and it is perfect for fitting up nicely over the neck, chin and nose area.  I think the simple rib and moss stitch really show off the colour of the yarn nicely.  This is just the ticket for the -20 oC we’re expecting this week.

Wham Bam CowlMy purple yarn I made into a “Wham Bam Thank-you Lamb” cowl, which sits nicely under the chin.  Again the simple garter stitch shows off the colourway nicely, and I get a nice little necklace of warm around my neck.  I wore this this morning and it was perfect.  I am enjoying cowls more than scarves these day with my coats, something that tucks inside the high collar rather than going around outside it is warmer with our cold climate and razor sharp winds.

I sure hope the blizzard is over by the morning, as I have to drive across the city again to work.  Plus our new secretary was in the hospital this weekend with a severe flu, so you just know we all caught that last Friday.  Joy, Joy, Joy.


One Response to “My Cold Neck-Fall 2013 Version”

  1. Ana said

    Driving commutes always made me nervous! I hope yours get better.

    Love your cowls and I hope you don’t get the nasty flu.

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