FO’s for 2013 – Bobble Cardigan

December 29, 2013

Bobble SweaterThis is how far behind I am!!  I finished this sweater in the summer, I believe around July.  I did manage to get photos the end of the summer, and now have finally uploaded them.  First of all, pluses and minuses of this sweater.  Plus: I love this pattern and the yarn.  Minus: ran out of yarn on the sleeves so instead of the 3/4 ones I wanted they are 1/2.  The pattern is vintage, it was my Grandmother’s.  I have a sweater that she made from this pattern and I have always loved it, and I still wear it’s acrylic beige loveliness.  It is the perfect length, and the seamed shoulders fit me well, and don’t fall off me when open like a raglan sleeve seems to.  The yarn is Jubilee Alpaca from Saskatoon, raised, spun and sold locally.  It is a natural cream colour that I love, and I probably can get more of it when I get around to calling the store.  After all, animals don’t change their natural colour that much do they?  I knit the sleeves top down so that I could lengthen them if I ever got more yarn.  I was also not sure how long the sleeves would end up being, and using this method I was able to get as long a sleeve as possible from the yarn.  Have you noticed all the lovely bobbles up the front panels?  I know, they are so adorable.  Bobble, bobble, bobbly.

I have a few more FO’s to show off for the year, my stash to upload and count, Christmas presents to show off, and some New Year’s resolutions to discuss soon.  Yeah!


One Response to “FO’s for 2013 – Bobble Cardigan”

  1. Sonia said

    Beautiful bobbles !

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