FO: Actual Socks

December 30, 2013

Alpaca socks doneThe goal as stated for 2013 was to knit two pairs of socks.  I am very into goals, and avoid setting them when I can in order to not get upset when I can’t achieve them.  For instance I like setting the following goal: This weekend I shall do three loads of laundry.  When I finish the three loads, I celebrate a little bit with a happy dance and a sense of achievement.  For as we know one load of laundry is okay, two is better and three is pretty awesome.  Therefore I am sad to report that this is my sole pair of socks for the year, and therefore I have failed.  I am a two pair of sock failure.  The only good news to report is that the simple socks, constructed from an alpaca/wool/nylon blend are really, really nice socks, and the blue/purple colourway glows a little bit, especially when backlit by work and my computer screen.  A little happy on a cold working day.  I intend to make my goal for next year two pairs of socks again, but this time I have a higher weight yarn to use for one of them, which is only 40 sts around instead of my normal 64 st.  It is not cheating, it is being smart.


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