The Last FO’s That I Have Photos Of for 2013

December 31, 2013

VestI cannot believe that I started this vest in February, and just now sewed the zipper into it.  I haven’t taken it off since, I love it that much, why did I wait so long?  The sewing of the zipper is a tricky business, and I do have a little mistake to fix at the bottom of the right front, but that would involve taking it off, which I haven’t done.  The one modification I made to this pattern (Rustica) is that I made the collar double thickness.  I knitted the regular collar, knit a turning row, and then knit back down again exactly.  I sewed the zipper in between the two sides of the collar, then I sewed the inside of the collar down.  What a genius move!  The dollar sits down nicely when open, and when zipped up is a lovely warm next for my neck and chin.  I have it zipped up right now!  The yarn is almost perfect, in fact if there is any yarn with this grey base, and multi colours on top of it I am almost sure to buy it immediately.  It is neutral but matches almost all my layering shirts.  And the pockets, genius, I love pockets now.  I made this vest as I was always wearing a ratty blue fleece vest around the house, and this was my attempt to recreate it in yarn.  I really love the result, can you tell?

PauseThis is Pause, from the summer Berroco pamphlet, of which I love almost all the designs, and may have yarn now for one or two more.  Unfortunately I finished this sweater just as it got too cold to wear it.  I also have a layering problem, as most of my t-shirts have V-necks, so next spring I need to get a high neck t-shirt to wear underneath this.  I really do love this little tank, even if I do need to fix the arm holes, which are too tight.  The yarn is a muted gold, which is so different from what I normally buy or work with, and it reminds me of a top my Grandmother would have chosen to make.  I can’t say I 100% love this yet, as I really have only worn it once or twice to try it on.  Next summer will be the test!  I also need to stop making summer sweaters that finish in September, but start them in March instead!

I have finished another little sweater, but Fia won’t try it on, so no photos yet.


One Response to “The Last FO’s That I Have Photos Of for 2013”

  1. Katherine said

    Oh, that Float is really, really nice. Just my kind of thing, and apparently yours, too. Get J to take a picture of you in it to do you and it justice.

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