Mr. J was not too happy when I announced that our theme for the first quarter of this year was “Austerity”.  He had his heart set on a new notepad something or other that I may be of the opinion he does not really need, but on that we disagree.  His contract is up in April, and while it may be renewed, the planner in me wants to be sure that we are covered if it does not, and that means building up the rainy day fund.  A normal healthy bank account has at least six months saved up to cover the monthly burn rate after EI payments, and I’d like him to get at least to the three month point before buying frivolous/necessary (depending on your point of view) items.  As for me, I need to save up as well.  My VW Golf is now 14 years old, and too small for our family.  This December has been terrible for driving, we have so much snow around that my neighbours have built a bobsled run between their houses, and the ruts in our road are over 2 feet deep.  The VW has not been out of the garage in a few weeks now.  I had thought I would get another commuter car, but this last month is making me wonder if a 4-wheel drive vehicle is a necessary item around here.  Plus let’s just say that I’d like to take another year off work if possible.

The Age of Austerity has extended to the stash.  The good news to report is that I knit well over 13,000 yards last year, and have many lovely items to show for it.  My goal was to get my January 2013 stash down to under 40 000 yards (I think I started at around 47, 500 yards) and I did that with having close to 37 000 yards left.  But then November and December happened, with lots of Black Friday sales, the Boxing Day sales, and my LYS bringing in lotsa Mad Tosh.  And the biggest falling down for me was a local store closing down and offering 30% off on everything.  Around 5000 yards came home with me from there, three sweaters worth and a big shawl.  It is wonderful stuff, and I got it at a great price, but I have a lot of knitting to do!!  The 2014 starting stash number is:(gulp) 50 860 yards.  That means I have committed to not buying yarn until June 1, and maybe longer.  The fibre festival I like to go to in June may not even be open on the weekend anymore, so I won’t be able to get up there and indulge.  Lots and lots of good knitting to be done this year, I am looking forward to it!