Learning to Love Winter Again!

February 6, 2014

Backyard BogganThis winter has been very hard on this winter and snow loving girl, I normally love snow and love winter.  Until February that is.  But this year I was so sick of it in December, and the main reason is the horrible driving conditions this year.  For most of December I was driving to work in blizzards, through multiple feet of snow, ice, accidents all around every day, and extra time to get to work, an hour extra some days.  All that time driving instead of working cuts into my paycheck, plus the stress on me.  I was exhausted at the end of December, and ready for a break.  Every day it seemed I would wake up to fresh snowstorms, and curse the snow.  Until we decided to build a big toboggan hill in the backyard for Fia’s birthday party.  We had so much snow I figured we could get a pretty good hill going, which we did, it has to be over ten feet down to the ground.  We actually dug down to the ground to make it go as low as possible, and then put a big curve into the bottom so that you swoosh around back the way you came.  The far side of the hill has steps cut into so that kids can climb up easily.  This was a huge hit with Fia, who loves to go down face first, which means she is a future skeleton racer!  We were so worried everything would melt too much before her party, that Mr. J and I were hoping for snow instead of dreading it!  The day of the party it was relatively warm, and the kids had a blast.  My nieces who are 8 and 11 have even been over twice to play on the hill.

Fia smilingWe even enjoyed it last weekend when it was -15 oC out!


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