FO: Knotty Pine Hat and Continuing the Olympic Dream

February 16, 2014

Knotty PineLook at the pretty hat, look at the pretty yarn, nice work huh?  It is knitted from MadTosh Cerise colour which I find very complimentary to my skin.  I do like this pattern, I do, and the finish at the top is unique and everything, but I’m really worried it makes me into a cone head.  You can’t quite see it here, but the whole shape of the hat is a triangle, and I’m not sure I like it.  To finish it originally I washed it, and dried it for 20 minutes in the dryer (superwash yarn) and went to work.  Came home, Mr. J had generously decided to do laundry out of the blue, and had thrown said laundry on top of hat (you don’t check the dryer first, of course not) and then this hat got another hour of drying.  I then re-soaked the hat, pulled it out to shape again, and didn’t put it in the dryer this time.  Therefore it is bigger than it’s post dryer state.  I am wearing it around, and seeing if it will grow on me.  I am planning to use this pattern to make matching cowl, which will not be pointy.

Olympic Pullover FrontWe are having our usually Olympic sport pig-out, and loving it.  Figure skating continues today, and I noticed snowboard cross is starting, we all love the cross events.  So exciting!  Fia was busy dancing away to the ice dancers short routine, Mr. J continued his excellent twizzle judging, and I loved all the twenties inspired outfits.  I am cheering for the Canadians, but also the Russian pair, I like them they have the passion of Russian pairs! Bringing the drama back!  I am almost to the neckline of the front, and I am glad I decided to continue the cable all the way down the front, it is very nice I think!  I was really sad for Patrick Chan, I wanted to hug him and knit him a scarf, he was so sad.


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