FO: 4th Place Finish

March 3, 2014

Olympic SweaterI finished my Olympic sweater, just a few hours late for a 4th place finish, just out of the medals!  In olden days I would have been able to knit all Sunday morning and would have had this done, but this year I played cars instead, did puzzles, painted, and in other words played with my daughter.  I am happy with my bulky sweater, as it is very, very cold in Calgary right now, and I am wearing it a lot just to stay warm.  I extended the cable down the front which pulls the waist of the sweater in nicely, and made longer sleeves so that my forearms would not freeze.  Right now I am all about warmth!

Banff condoThis weekend we headed up to Banff for a mini break and did exactly what I had planned: we stayed inside and went swimming.  When we were not swimming we painted, ate, played, and slept.  Grandpa came along and numerous water colour masterpieces soon decorated the chalet.  I cannot say that I am not still tired, but I can say that I am less tired.  Happy Birthday to me!


One Response to “FO: 4th Place Finish”

  1. Cheryl said

    Nice sweater – and I’m glad to see your dad is still enjoying painting.

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