An Early WIP Post

March 10, 2014

Lopi SweaterWith my Olympic sweater finished and worn a few times already, I went back to working on my other bulky sweater, my Aedi in local Bragg Creek Lopi.  The original design was for 3 colours, but I only have two, but I do think it has turned out nicely.  I have actually bound off the top of this now, so it is onto finishing.  I need to Kitchener the armpits, sew in ends, sew down the collar, and STEEK the front.  I am planning to do a crochet edging on the front which is new to me, therefore I need an hour or two to concentrate on the computer.  That means I won’t be back to this before next weekend.  I would like to sew a zipper in at that point, I do love a sweater with a zipper opening.  The bottom edge is rolling, I may be taking that out and redoing it with ribbing as well.

Brass ShawlAs we went away for my birthday weekend last weekend, I remembered that the previous year I had bought this fabulous Ombre yarn in the Moab colourway.  And isn’t it a shame that I haven’t made anything with it yet?  After much hemming and hawing and changing my mind I am doing a simple triangle shawl with eyelet rows at the colour changes.  I put the turquoise near my face, and the orange will be along the bottom.  I have a few more things on the go, and I plan on spending the rest of the month cleaning them up and working on a swap item before casting on the next BIG, BIG sweater next month.  It is BIG on little needles, oh boy!!


One Response to “An Early WIP Post”

  1. Heather N said

    I think the sweater looks more updated with only 2 colors. Love it, it’s beautiful!

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