Like a Cry for Help in the Snowy Wilderness FO:Moab Shawl

April 1, 2014

Moab shawlThe first day of spring heralded 7 days in a row of snow and cold.  I finished my shawl, but have yet to wear it outside as I’m still wearing the super bulky extra warm cowls and scarves of deep winter.  The colourway is “Moab”, and once again we can’t go this year.  I’m very sad about that, and vow to go next year instead, I very much miss our spring trips to Moab.  Do you think the colourway is a good catch of the Moab colours?  I think the deep orange before the light orange definitely is, and I just love the turquoise no matter what.  When I’m down I keep searching the Moab real estate sites, and keep picking out what I’d like to buy for when the times comes, if it shall come.  One day.

April 1, 2014 021It is April 1, and I am ready for the snow to go (still a few feet in the yard) and I am definitely ready for the danger driving conditions to be gone until November/December again.  Each morning for 2 weeks has been a nail biter of a drive.  Ice, white-outs, general ickiness.  I want to wear my scarf outside, with my new rubber boots, and get my spring on!


One Response to “Like a Cry for Help in the Snowy Wilderness FO:Moab Shawl”

  1. Anne said

    You guys have had a brutal winter this year, to be sure! Hopefully next year’s the winner for a trip south. 🙂

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