WIP: They are Multiplying!!

April 17, 2014

Sabbatical I still have a number of items on the needles, and yet I’ve cast on for two more big projects!!  I am being very good about doing a certain number of rows on the argyle vest of unending length, and am on the fourth diamond now.  Still around 4 inches to the armpits.  I have taken to calling Mr. J “Mr. 19 inches to the armpits” when I’m ticked at him.  Newly cast on however is Sabbatical, which will be another long term project, especially if I make it nice and long.  I have finished the back ribbing, and am ready to start the lace pattern now.  I am proud of this project, the yarn is from 2007, I bought it in Salt Lake, I’m using some old stash up!

HuevosBut I couldn’t resist casting on a lacy tank named Huevos.  I think it was when I realized this pink trekking sock yarn with bamboo would be perfect, and so far it is.  Or it may have been the few inches of snow we had again this week that made me do it.  I currently have 8 WIP, so I’d better get onto some finishing!  I did steek my Aedi sweater, and am looking for buttons now, hopefully photos this weekend.  I am wearing it a lot due to this chilly damp weather.  I do hope the weather is nice where you are!!


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