FO’s: Single Skeins Had Better Watch Out!

April 23, 2014

Purple BunnyFor an unknown reason, I have been ruthlessly hunting down single skeins in my stash and knitting them up into lovely fun items.  Take the leftover chenille from the pig family, I now have 3 little wabbits, the purple one at left has already been gifted to a new little baby.  A blue and green one were finished last night, and just need a quick block before the baby next door is given hers, and the last one is put in the gift box for the next baby on the scene.  If we ever make it down to the States again I am stocking up on this chenille, I just love it for making toys and baby items.



Sarah's cowlThis skein of Manos became a lovely Sarah’s cowl, I think the yarn and pattern played very nicely together.  I was thinking this would go into the gift box, but now I really love the purple/cream/orange colours, plus the softness of the yarn.  Next winter I may just be grabbing this out of the box!  I had some yarn leftover from this, and already made a little baby hat which still needs a button and a little flower I think.  Then all this yarn will be used up!


Pink SockheadThat does seem like a lot of little projects, but wait there is more!  I finished a bright, eye searing sockhead hat on the way to Lloydminster, Red Deer, and Edmonton recently.  Very good car knitting project, I have a blue one on the go now!  This is some Koigu that was never going to become socks due to the lack of nylon content, and I couldn’t see it as a scarf/shawl or anything else.  The sockhead hat pattern is an excellent way to use up great yarn that can be a bright pop of colour on top of your grey jacket in the spring.  It is light enough weight to be suitable for Calgary spring weather, but not deep winter, rated – 5 oC to 5 oC.

Whew, that is a lot of little things isn’t it!  I should save a few things for next September.


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