FO: Aedi With Bragg Creek Lopi Spun

April 24, 2014

Aedi from backWow, this sweater is one that I’m really happy with.  From the moment I got this book, Knitting with Icelandic Wool, out of the library and then purchased it, to when I walked by the Heidi Lopi Spun yarn at last years Olds Fibres fair and automatically started putting a sweaters worth in my bag without even thinking, all those instincts were dead on.  This sweater is cosy warm, and it seems to have morphed already to fit me perfectly so that I am very comfortable wearing it.

The original pattern called for three colours, but I made the yoke with just the two colours, and I enjoy the result.  I also did not put a zipper in, but opted for a button band for various reasons.  It is easier, I had a lot of yarn left over, and had thought I needed some more inches to give more ease.

Aedi from frontThis is where my earlier comment about it morphing to fit me comes from, I had thought this sweater too tight and small, and now it feels like a perfect fit with no pulling anywhere.

I need to get to this farm in Bragg Creek and visit those lovely sheep that gave me this sweater!


One Response to “FO: Aedi With Bragg Creek Lopi Spun”

  1. Cheryl said

    Very nice! I love those classic sweaters.

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