WIP: Wednesday April 28th – Breaking News, there are armpits!

April 30, 2014

Vest to underarms!Breaking news, I did not think this would ever happen as I didn’t think this would ever end, but I am to the armpits!  All 19 inches of the body knit, now just 10 more inches to the shoulders!  That is 5.5 diamonds.  I am refusing to think about all the duplicate stitch it will need, but it will be worth it as my husband will wear it every single day next winter.  And perhaps to bed at night as well.

Another WIP is my yarn diet – which is still going strong, no yarn purchased since Boxing Day.  I am averaging 1000 yards knit a month, and am down 4300 yards since I started counting for 2014, which is very, very good.  I am doing a very good job knitting what I have and not buying.  And there is a lot of temptation out there, namely from the self striping sock yarn, which is very hard to resist!

22 Little CloudsI have also started another “easy pick-up quick” project for when Fia is around.  This is a 22 little clouds shawl from a combination merino and mohair, it is a very nice fabric with a lovely halo.  I love the pink/grey colourway from Fleece Artist, so pretty.  I am hoping this will be generously sized, it will look great with my grey spring jacket.  I have a lot of older skeins of lace yarn like this that I am hoping to knit up into nice projects to keep or give as gifts as Christmas.


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