WIP: Wednesday June 11, 2014

June 11, 2014

J's vest with stitchingLook, look, the top stitching is done !  I cannot believe I got it all done, it seemed to take a long time.  I even brought it to the last two knit nights and worked on it there.  Now I can get to work and do the neckband, arm bands and this baby is finished!  It has officially taken forever, I started last September and have worked on it fairly steadily since.  I cannot wait to do other things!  Knitting that is not blue and beige!  Woohoo.  I also finally sewed up a pair of baby booties last night, I had been putting it off and finally just did it!  The baby these are intended for is already born, so must be delivered.  I finished another pair in blue, but delivered them too quickly to take photos.  These two pairs of booties finished off all the yarn from my blue and pink sockhead toques.  All gone from stash!!

Today was my first day riding my bike to work.  Every other day I have been busy, had errands, places to go during the day, been too tired, or it was raining.  It was glorious!  I rode over the Peace Bridge, enjoyed the nice weather, and then had to have a nap after dinner!  I wore myself out!  The first of many bike rides this year I hope!



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